Allison Boney Greenville, South Carolina South Carolina


It all started a couple years ago when me and my husband started having problems. He met the home wrecker at a bar, of course. She is 4 years older than him and has a child of her own that she would bring my husband around. She would continuously communicate with my husband after we had begun to repair our marriage and try to convince him I was not good for him. We have been together for 12 years and have 2 children together. We have been best friends since high school and very in love. We do have our problems like every married couple, but she would NOT STOP interfering with our lives! || After battles over the past 2 years I left him and of course I wasn’t even moved out before she had opened her legs and door to him. After months of him trying and begging to be with me I agreed and he dropped her faster than I could blink. I think she learned her lesson, maybe, I doubt it though because my family is not the first family she has wrecked.

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