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All Ways International Shipping AWIS Use a different company (especially if you are military) Baltimore Maryland!!. I am a military member that brought a second car while stationed in Germany. The Mercedes-Benz dealership recommended Transglobal Logistics since they had been dealing with them for years. Everything in Germany was great. Great customer service (which is surprising for Germans) and very easy. The associate told me that it would take less than 30 days to receive my car although I am going to California. The expected time is what made me decide on a date to ship. So here I am in California, 40 days after handing over my keys and I still do not have my car. About 3 weeks ago I looked at my paperwork to obtain a phone number so I can get status and make plans. I called 3 times on the first day and no one answered. My first question is…how do you have a company and no one answers the phone or return messages. The second day I was able to get someone on the phone. After speaking to someone my nerves were a little better. I was told that my car is expect to be at the port on 10 Jul (of course I’m looking crazy because I”m wondering what happened to less than 30 days). I was also given an email address just in case I had questions. Yeah, send this dude emails and he doesn’t respond. This past week I have been calling and of course no answer on the first day and no one returned my calls. I try the next day and then there was the most unprofessional secretary one can talk to. She either doesn’t pass messages or people don’t like to call back. I talked to her 3 times in one day and she couldn’t help me. I emailed the email address again and what do you know…I get a response saying my car will be to the port of Long Beach on 11 Jul 2018 and then will have to clear customs. After that it will be released to a trucking company…why is is being released to a trucking company??? They are going to bring it to my front door. I asked what was the extra cost and was told $575. Did I ask them to bring it to me…NO!!! This company just does what they want to do. Maybe they don’t know that I am coming from overseas and know no one in the area. Yep, had to get a rental car and I’m almost at paying them $2K. No sense of urgency, empathy, or professionalism. If I would have known then what I know now this would not be my company of choice. Maybe they should hire someone from the outside to help build their brand. I will spread this on Facebook and Twitter to let my military friends know to go with someone else. Shaun Vacaville, CA

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