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My ex-husband got a job working for Debbie. Debbie promoted him and her daughter Alexis was a secretary. Before long he was going out of town to help get the North Dakota branch up and running. Debbie transferred her daughter up to North Dakota to”help” up there. We started doing a lot of stuff with Debbie and her family. Alexis and my husband started texting constantly. But they were”just friends”. || In March 2012 my husband (at the time) told me that we were going down to Mesquite, Nevada for Easter. He didn’t want our kids to go. It was my daughters birthday that week too. || I stayed in Debbie’s parent’s house. Alexis and her husband and kids were in the next room. The entire week I heard how much Alexis”loves him….like a brother”. I heard that at least three times. I never suspected a thing. They even invited me to go to the Bahamas with the family. I felt that was weird so I declined. || Mothers day 2012: I saw him out the window on the phone with her. Kicking rocks like a kid…laughing and smiling in the field across from our home. I knew immediately. I finally caught on. No one acts like that with their”friend”. And he has never had to leave our property to take a phone call. Everything finally fell into place in that 2 minutes. || I was married for 17 years. I was in love with him since I was 15 years old. He was all I ever knew. I realize now….I don’t even know him. Six months later I was divorced. Within a year so was Alexis. Now they are both unemployed and karma is a bitch.

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