Alex Dingess Dirty Sloot


This is Alexandra Dingess, goes by Alex The biggest slut in Orange County. She is more then willing to spread her legs for every guy she meets. She loves black dicks and infected most with stds. Alex complains about her drunken parents to gain sympathy and even implies she was molested by her drunken father. She backstabs. her friends every chance she gets. She pretends to be a little angel but the people that know her know the real Alex is just trash. She attended Fullerton College where her reputation was well known as a easy lay. This ditch pig trolls Tinder looking for more guys to infect., this mutt flirts with any guy that shows her attention!. She fucks on the first date and loves anal, she carries drds be fair warned guys! She plays the sweet and innocent victim of abuse card but really she will fuck any guy that shows her attention, she then moves to the next guy . She has no heart and doesn’t care if your man is single either. She tried with my man sending him nude pics, but that didn’t work, about time this nasty skank hoe got exposed. Hold on to your men ladies. This loser trash heap is on the loose in Orange County and looking for sympathy. She will claim all of this is not true, however since all of this is the cold hard fact. (just google her name) I hope this post helps others to steer clear of this disgusting disease carrying skank. She will screw over her friends as she is telling you that the people are making shit up when it’s her that is the one doing what she is saying you’re doing plus she is a thief that can’t be trusted. She is only around if there is something she can get something out of it. Alex, clearly with such little self respect that she has to keep going after taken men. She will even be sweet as pie to your face, offer to babysit your children and be your best friend all while fucking your husband behind your back. Keep this serial homewrecker far away from your family. She came on to my bf several times and he said she a ugly piece trash. She’s a fuck’in slore so women watch your man if she around.

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