Alessa Danielle Craven Eden, North Carolina North Carolina


I met Danielle when she moved in across the street from us when her husband joined the AF in Oct. I thought we hit it off because we were all from the same home state, about the same age, and her husband and I were in the same squadron. By March, we had become pretty good friends and I found out I was pregnant. It was about this time she started pursuing my husband, asking if he had any beer and sneaking over to drink with him while I was asleep (because I had to be at work at 5am!). Well actually she moved pretty fast and they hooked up the first time they were alone. A couple of weeks later she drunkenly knocked on the neighbor’s door trying to wander over to my house for my husband and they had sex that night. || Things progressed between them and she told him that she had wanted him since she first met him. He never paid her any attention until things got a little tense with us (the pregnancy was unplanned). He used to show me texts from her trying to initiate conversations with him but I was naive and thought nothing would ever happen. Anyway, things got progressively worse with my marriage but in the meantime she came to cookouts, babysat while we worked, dyed Easter eggs with us on Easter, she called men when she needed to go somewhere because she couldn’t drive a stick. I did anything for her because I felt bad that she didn’t know anyone and to top it off, her husband deployed in July so she was “alone”. || I was a little weary, asked my husband if she tried talking to him without me there and he was adamant that she didn’t. When she was helping me make baby shower invitations. . . .let me say that again….SHE SAT AT MY TABLE MAKING BABY SHOWER INVITATIONS WHILE HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH MY HUSBAND!!! I saw the way she looked at him and I knew exactly what was going on. Two nights later I found the texts. They were horrible, she joked that she was the real mom to my kids and he let her, that broke my heart. She was a coward after I found out and I never saw her again. She texted me how sorry she was and they both told me it was just texting. By October I found out that she was sneaking into my house 3-4 nights a week, drunk and trying to or actually having sex with my husband (and had been since March). They had sex after he got home from work and while my kid was asleep in his crib, she spent the week in my house while I was out of town visiting family, she flipped out on him if she thought he was intimate with me and constantly talked about our children like she was just going to move into my spot. She swears her husband (and my husband) are the only guys she’s been with but I’ve seen her drunk so I highly doubt it. She pretends to be a good girl and shy but she’s so manipulative. After I found the texts she starts texting my husband’s brother, she got his number off Facebook, and flirting with him to make my husband jealous. The idiot fell for it and her husband is too because his answer is “I don’t care, I love her” He was deployed to Afghanistan. Can you imagine crawling out of bed with your pregnant friend’s husband to talk to your deployed husband?! || Anyway, I have kids so my husband and I are trying to work it out, life is hell and he’s certainly not living with no blame but this slut definitely pursued him. I saw it, I was just too stupid to recognize it but I’ll never be so blind again. Thanks for the life lesson, bitch!

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