Aiki Productions Complaint


Alain Burrese is supposed to be some self-defense expert and motivational speaker but he does not live what he preaches to other people. He sent me an email about a fellow martial artist claiming that he was a fake and a fraud. He did this more than once and I finally had to make it perfectly clear to him that I was not interested in listening to his dirty laundry. I later did some snooping into the person that he was talking about and I found that everything that Alain Burrese had written to me was a pack of lies! He is supposed to be a martial arts master and pretends to teach others how to live with “The Warrior Edge” but he does not live it himself. I found that he lied about everything about the other person. It was ALL A LIE! Then I googled his name and found out that it was Alain whose background was in doubt. I found at least two articles on him that said he was a fraud, that his martial arts rank was a fraud and that there is some doubts as to his military background. One time he claims he was one thing and the next time he claims something different. This is not an honest man! To make things worse he was slandering a honest man and trying to make me believe negative things about a man that I found to be very honest and a good role model. Alain Burrese should be ashamed of himself. How can people like him look themself in the mirror?

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