Agero Roadside Assistance Service in San Jose, CA


Agero Roadside Assistance Service in San Jose, CA Nationwide Insurance contractor for their auto insurance customers. Agero roadside assistance is a joke and their support staff are nothing but liars Nationwide Nationwide!!. It took almost 4 hours to dispatch a service company to replace a flat tire by Ajero staff on Nov 29, 2019 We placed a call for a flat tire on our Lincoln Navigator around 7:20pm or so. Called at 7:45 pm. – 1st response was the tow company wil be there in 35 minutes. No one showed up. At 8:10 pm called again – we were told that some one will be there in 20 minutes, but they will not give us the tow company name or phone # stating they are not allowed to do so. No one showed up At 8:40 pm called again and asked to speak to a manager but instead were asked 5 questions that they were required to do so. They still did not let us speak with the manager and told us that the driver is at the 10th street and will arrive in 25 minutes. Around 9:25 pm we were still waiting and called but were given the same response – the driver will be there in 10 minutes. Called again at 10:00pm and were told the same thing – another 20 minutes but will not give us the contact name or will not let us speak with the manager. At 10:14 pm called again and they told us that the driver will call you in 15 minutes. At about 10:45pm the driver from United Towing (tel 408-295-5915) called and said he is on his way and showed up about 10 minutes later. Completed the tire replacement with a spare tire and left about 11:30pm or so. All along the calls we made were picked up by bunch of morons who were located in different parts of the country and had no idea what was going on and kept lying to us. Called again at 11:39pm and insisted to speak with a manager and spoke with the supervisor Brian. Here’s the kick. This guy is located in fu***** Ontario Canada! I asked him why did it take so long to provide service and he tells me it took only 15 minutes! I asked him to check when was the first call made and he then confirmed that indeed it took almost 4 hours. I told him to file a complaint against all those individuals who told us all the lies. Brian’s ext is 86177 which is what he told me. Not sure if that is another lie. His supervisors name was given as Amanda and she was not available to speak with us. We were told that some one from Customer Care will reach out within 5 fu***** business days. Does that mean they really care? I am going to cancel my contract with Nationwide on Towing and go back to AAA. I could have called a repair company and would have been done in less than 30 minutes and for less than $100 instead of going thru this misery with these crooks.

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