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I usually maintain a fairly large balance, however this past month I did some pretty big traveling and in conjunction with a few larger purchases for work I managed to not only deplete the account but bring it into a negative balance. Which is 100% my fault. However, while on my travels my card was still working just like normal, and I am not one to check my account every day, so for every purchase after the balance was negative they hit me with a $36.00 fee. I was traveling for 2 weeks.. I managed to rack up 14 fees for a total of $509. $509 in fees!!!! And not a single phone call from my banker or the bank themselves telling me what was going on. I called up customer care thinking surely this can be reversed in large part. After 3 days of phone calling and dealing with managers who need “time” to review my balance and account, they offered me 2 fees back. The kicker.. most of the overdrafts were less than $25 purchases, for meals and such. I felt betrayed and scammed as a long time customer and someone who has never ever had a problem with the bank. Granted I am not going to retire or go bankrupt off the $500 however, in principle I got a much better understanding of them as a bank. Their system is old, their online portal is terrible compared to other banks and their support really let me down. Athens First you are terrible, and I am closing all of my accounts. And this goes without saying.. the Synovus stock I have had with you for 6 years.. selling that too. Probably will tell another 20 people how bad I think this bank is now. Note to business owners: Even when the customer is wrong, they deserved to be treated right. Otherwise you jeopardize your loyalty and bad reviews, which is exactly what happened here. And of course after all 3 days on the phone.. the representative had the audacity to I hope you have a great day. Paige, and Jason are the ones who “helped” me. Shame on you Synovus. .

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