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Meet my ex-best friend, Adriana Trevino. She’s now labeled as a whore. We were best friends for a little over 5 years, that is until I found out she’d been having an affair with my husband for 9 months. She used to be married too; the four of us were closer than most couples to say the least. I won’t go into details of all of that, but we were close. Until he cheated on her, she begged him to stay and was the most pathetic I’d ever seen her. He eventually moved out and divorced her, didn’t want her anymore. I was there through all of it for her and so was my husband. || We were her closest friends because we knew all the secrets of their marriage. I even threw her a divorce party to help get over her soon to be douche bag ex. My husband and I helped her in every way possible, every way if you know what I mean. We moved into a house in her neighborhood in February of 2012. Little did I know, that was going to be the worst mistake I’d made, well except ever being friends with her.  My husband’s birthday is April 1st. and everyone came over and we had a huge party. After I went to bed that night, she stayed in our garage with him until who knows when and that night ended with her giving him a birthday kiss. The kind of kiss that leads to sex. The sex didn’t start that night but the texting, flirting, complimenting, etc. did. They were talking all day every day. It started out”friendly” however neither of them felt the need to tell me what was going on which we all know that means it wasn’t innocent and they knew it was wrong. || Anyway, by May the sex had started and was going on as often as they could. Getting motels, parking off road in MY car, her car, his truck, anywhere and everywhere they could -even my house. She continued to come over and fake our friendship just so she could see him more often. He would make up every excuse or reason to go out as often as possible so he could meet up with her. We don’t have a lot of money and so he used her for a good time and planned on doing so for as long as he could get away with it. He had her to spend the money, stroke his ego, make it all about him and have sex with him anytime he wanted. And he had me at home to clean, do his laundry, pay the bills and raise our kids. Best of both worlds huh? The affair went on from April to December. By October she was in love with him. They had already been busted by our group of friends but still, no one told me. Everyone knew, except me. My mother is her boss at her job and the whore was still going to lunch with my mom everyday like everything was cool up until the day I found out. They spread it all over this city from every motel on the corner, every restaurant and bar in town to all the people we all knew too. Even had sex in my living room while I was out of town one weekend and my husband was home with our kids. It was everywhere. Every place he used to take me, he took her. We were still having play dates with our kids and everything. || She finally stopped talking to me around September and I didn’t know why. Didn’t have a clue. I kept trying to get her to tell me what was going on, asking why we weren’t hanging out anymore, what did I do? She kept blowing me off telling me it’s not me but that she didn’t want to talk about it. I still didn’t understand but I left it alone eventually and gave up on trying to figure out what happened. My husband never talked about her anymore either so I just assumed they didn’t talk anymore and he didn’t know what her problem was either. I found out on December 11th, 5 days before my birthday. And the reason I found out was because HER sister couldn’t stand it anymore and knew neither of them were going to tell me. So she did. When I found out, he dropped her like a bad habit. She continued to beg for him too and he ignored her until she eventually stopped. It was probably April of this year before I found out everything that happened. They both tried to lie at first and say it was just a couple times and that it had only gone on a couple months, but that was far from the truth. I have since found out every little detail between him and her. More details than most women get when they are in a situation like this I believe. He told me his version of what went down in those 9 months. And the stupid whore had the audacity to send me a play by play email detailing every day of the 9 month affair. Even quoted his texts and voxer messages she still had saved from him. She sent a letter for him to his job. My husband is also her brother’s boss at his job so he brought it to work one day. Yeah, it’s really f’d up. || It’s been 7 months since I’ve found out and I am still struggling. I love my husband; we’ve been together for almost 14 years and married for almost 10. We have 2 children together, 7 and 3 years old. People may think I’m stupid for staying, or letting him stay, but we are better now than we were for the last 3 years or so. It’s all about me again. He shows his love now. It’s weird, but it’s almost like he needed to do this as a wakeup call to remember what he has and how easily it can all be taken from you. Those are my words not his. He’s never tried to get me to see what he did as a good thing, I’m just saying. I have major trust issues and I don’t know how long it will take me to get through that. But, I do believe he regrets her, that he’s sorry and that he knows it was the biggest mistake of his life. || He doesn’t get off the hook at all, but I do blame her more. She was the friend. The one that is supposed to be there for you when something like this happens to you. Not the one that he’s doing it with because YOU started it all one night in my garage with a kiss. After her husband cheated on her, I was there. And this is the thanks I get? I still want to hurt her. Like really hurt her. We still live in this neighborhood (she has moved) but I still see her family and her from time to time. I know where she lives, works, what she drives everything and I still have thoughts of wanting to hurt her. She ran like a coward when I found out. My husband has been here every day and has had to watch me go through what he did to me and what she did to me. He had to handle both because she disappeared. She left Armageddon at my door and then just walked away completely unscathed. How is that fair? Why does she never have to face me? She blamed it all on him. He’s the bad guy that didn’t leave his wife for her like he promised. He broke her heart and she spent the last few months getting over him! Never did she care about what she did to me. || She was never my friend, I know that now. I just wish I could take back the 5 years I wasted on her. I have since bought a new car and we are moving into a new house now that it’s summer (wanted the kids to finish the school year first) so that will help I think. I don’t know that I’m really looking for advice here, but I’ll take it. I just wanted to expose her. And this was the perfect way. So, watch out if you ever see this whore. No man is off limits to this one, not even her best friend’s husband. I’m just glad to have this whore finally out of my life for good. Thanks for letting me share.

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