Abu Dhabi International Airport Complaint


Coming in security control before to take my flight, as usual wearing sneakers, they ask me to remove my sneakers and I was the only one for whom they asked to do it. When I ask why they only said security control. Its first time it happens to me and I think if they can ask you to take off every clothes they will for sure ask you to do it and i trully think it’s their game with European person and specially European girl. Please check your video record on may 2nd around 6.08am departure for Amman. Look for a blond woman and you will be able to understand. Really unsatisfied and I trully think they abused their rights. I would have understood if I was wearing high heels and ringing through the door. But no reason can justify them to ask me to remove my sneakers. Please explain me exactly which security reason they have to justify.

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