ABA Financial Services Complaint


and make it seem that I must just start working for them again which I will nevet . I have a recording of what he still told me and have all the SMS and msgs the director sent me I just want help as too what to do because the manager says I must start training tomorrow and I said I”m no longer working there I just came to get my letter which he reffusses and tells me if I don”t come in he”ll mark me as absent . so I just want help as to what to do plz because its time for this monsters to be exposed of how they Handel people since iv worked there last year Jan more than 24 people they forced to resign and I will not do that iv had sleepless nights before of this people and I”m going thru it again I can”t sleep at night the way I”m stressed they so predictable one chased me away dismissing me and the other forcing me to be there. I”m emotionally disturbed I havnt even enjoyed my festive because every time I”d go into the whole way the thing happend I feel like I”m going

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