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I lost my job several years back, relocated, found new employment, and as soon as I could, began repaying on my debts, instead of just flushing them down the toliet. AAFES was one of my creditors, so I established a repayment program with you and have been making payments regularly for over a year and a half. nMost of our income goes to repaying our debts. We save every penny we get after paying our debts so we can afford Christmas, birthdays, car repairs and car tags. Other than that we have nothing. nI was unaware that AAFES debt repayment program ALSO included laying claim to money owed me if I purchase something from one of your stores and then need to return it because the sales person sold me the wrong item and I needed to go somewhere to purchase it! nI can understand garnishments, I can understand laying a claim to income tax refunds but my understanding according to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act keeping money for refunds that are purchased outside that debt, and has nothing to do with that debt, and has no effect on my repayment program, isn’t a legal means in which to collect on debt owed. nIn fact, I find it kind of funny I can shop there and keep my product, and you keep my money, and everything is cool…..but if I need to return it, you still keep my money? What gives with that? nIf you can only garnish my wages 25%, which you haven’t needed to do, I don’t feel it’s very fair you can garnish 100% of a refund. Garnishments are to protect the consumer from NOT having enough to live. nI saved all year for Christmas. My family and I do without ALOT of everyday items just so we can have a little something here and there. nI’m sure this is in some fine print somewhere, but honestly I find it crooked, disceptive and unfair. It’s not on any of your refund signs on the wall, nor on your receipts, nor was it mentioned when I started my repayment program. nI didn’t use YOUR money to purchase this item. And the money I did use to purchase items on my STAR card is being repaid….I can’t for the life of me find a law that says this is a legal means of Fair Debt Collections. nI will NEVER EVER purchase another item, not even a gum ball from another AAFES….What a sad deceptive means of collecting on debts…you’ve stooped to a new low AAFES….. nSincerely,nJoe nKathienmartinrz, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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