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24 7 locksmithservice An under $50 issue turned into a $180 one. Internet!!. So I accidentally locked my keys out of my car on January 9th, 2015. Whoops, my bad. I didn’t mean to do that with my super jingle-jangle keys. Especially since I had three other friends that had to wait on my mistake. I figured I’d call a 24 hour service place and looked up a few price comparisons. The $19 call made since for gas and time and an extra $25 with an ‘*’ was reasonable as well. I mean, I know exactly how to pry a window open and open a door. I’ve had it once done for dead car. $25 for a simple five minutes is fine. And the astericks? Oh yeah, that’s fine. I mean, if something goes wrong like my window shatters under the pressure of the expansion is a real risk so that’s cool. There’s two waiting in the other car, more than happy to make sure nothing goes wrong with the money exchange and the third is doing her best to keep from stressing herself out too much for about an hour. It’s not that bad, I thought, it’s just a lock out and losing out on, like, $40 or so. No. This guy pulls up in a white minivan without a logo or anything of the like. My friend asks the price and he says it’s $89 for the call and another $90 for the lock out. I didn’t know my friend could turn around that quick. Evidently pivots are an important factor in ballet and one of the boys in the other car seemed to have a small conniption at the amount. But I need my keys and there’s no copy as it’s a lease. It’s ridiculous but who else am I going to call? Okay, jesus christ, okay. So he struggles with it for about five minutes and when asked if I could pay over the phone, he says he only takes cash. Wow. Okay. I walk over to the bank and pull out the $180, hand it over, and when asked for a receipt he says he can’t give us one and leaves. Cool. There’s four of us that saw me hand over $180 and the shadiness that was no receipt. When the business was called all of five minutes later, the man on the phone seemed very irritated that we didn’t get a reciept at all. I only have the bank statement showing the date, time, place, and amount taken out. It would take two business days to get back to me. Low and behold, I wait four days. My friend, the pivoter queen, spoke to several people over the course of a week and a half. They all say that they’re getting the story and one of the managers is going to talk to another one. I work in retail and I totally understand that not everyone can know everything. I understand that I can only be redirected to someone who knows more until the issue is resolved. The problem is that my number is on file and so is my friends. They recognize the number and when that manager was supposed to call back, he never did. Mmm, so trustworthy. The last word that my friend and I got back was that, no, there’s nothing they can do. The woman on the phone said that she trusted her tech more than the words of four people that witnessed the event take place. I love it. Rub salt into my fleshy, moniless wound of the poor college-goer. This is perhaps ranks the Top Five in life lessons. Right underneath that time I got followed into a restaurant for allowing a man to talk to me and just above filing paperwork at a college that really screwed everything up. So here I am, out $180 because a man skimmed off the top and I needed my god d**n keys. Ugh. And I wonder how many other people this has happened to which brings around a whole slew of questions.

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