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Dragon Nest KR Update 3rd Feb: Ice Dragon Nest

ice dragon nest Dragon Nest KR released the 8-man raid for level 90 cap, Ice Dragon Nest on 3rd Feb 2016, along with major skill changes for various classes, including Gear Master, Shooting Star, Destroyer, Inquisitor, Saleana, Sniper etc.

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Dragon Nest: Xaldin’s Inquisitor Guide – PURE PVE [ Lv.90 ]

Inquisitor guide

Note:The progress of this article is still underway, as you noticed – the original article was published in my Facebook Page and later on was granted by Chaose5 to post my work/s here in FREEDOMPLAYS, I’ll update this post every now and then together with the update of my character.

Last Update: 10:33 AM / November 25, 2015

Greetings of peace and red panties!!

It’s me again, llXaldinll, from DN_SEA~

I know most of us are thrilled, excited, some may even be overwhelmed with the recent game patch in @Dragon Nest SEA.
Some of them already planned not to sleep overnight just to grind their fabulous characters >_< However, there are also players who are lost on what to do with their skill builds. Yep, I’ve been receiving PMs / requests for Inquisitor Guide for Lv.90 few months ago during the early weeks of 90-cap release.

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Dragon Nest: Xaldin’s Inquisitor Guide – Raid/Pure PVE Build

inquisitor guide

||Xaldin|| from Dragon Nest SEA shares his inquisitor build for pure PVE/raid, with in-depth analysis of gearing guide and skill review.

An updated guide of Inquisitor for level 90 is being written by Xaldin (work in progress).

I. Introduction
II. Roles &Considerations
III. Design
a. Skill Build
i. MP Passives: To Take or Not?
ii. Shock Transition: Setting Appropriate level
b. Skill Plates
c. Choice of Accessories
d. Preferred Jades
i. Enhancement Jades
ii. Skill Jades
IV. Skill Review:
a. Consecration Cross & Consecration Burst
b. ‘Neo’ – Mind Breaker EX
V. The Electrifying Rule / Zap Code
VI. Overall Output & Final Message
VII. Final Note
V. Acknowledgement, Credits & Resources

 I. Introduction:

Bellooo~! W’zap? Oh wait… I’d like to introduce myself first:

I’m llXaldinll – an Inquisitor (in-game & by heart) that’s currently playing in DN_SEA. So… Yup! I’m not from Freedom nor cDN, though it would be an honor if i’ll be with them
but considering Chaose and Sieg welcomed my work here, it’s more than enough~!

Alright so… I started playing cleric ever since 24-cap in SEA and still am! What led me to choose and play Inquisitor is Koinzell’s GigaVolt (sad though, he didn’t continue his Inquisitor). What caught my interest in Inquisitor class isn’t the damage that i saw from GigaVolt’s vids – but the skills itself (animation).. well, i suppose these details aren’t that important so… yup..

This article wasn’t really planned to be posted. However, I’ve seen several Inquisitors who joined my guild these past few months and they were all asking questions – questions that tells how few & limited the resources are when it comes to Inquisitor branch. I’m also searching for new articles in Inquisitor Class from other servers of DN. But it seems that it IS really limited and few. So I decided to start writing again… until I didn’t realized that this article had become like a guide already… so… yup! let’s get to the real deal!

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