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Blade & Soul: Shadow Destroyer PVE Guide

shadow destroyer guide After the major skill changes in July 2016, Shadow elemental skill set finally deserves some serious attentions from Destroyer players. I have been playing earth elemental destroyer (or to be more accurate, Ani-cancel-based destroyer; elemental system was introduced later) since forever. I have made the switch to Shadow Destroyer after the patch.

Shadow Destroyer has received multiple minor boost over the year but still not good enough to compete with its Earth counterpart. The major revamp in July has finally raised Shadow destroyer to the same level as Earth Destroyer, if not better.  However, there is a catch to Shadow elemental skill set: it is highly gear dependent! (I will elaborate on that in the guide).

Therefore, i don’t recommend new players who have not reached the level cap or are not fully geared to try out this build.  Although this Shadow Destroyer Guide is meant to replace my previous Earth Destroyer Guide, I would still keep the previous guide updated with the latest changes (soon) for the sake of new Destroyer players. Also, I am mainly a PVE player; I am not sure about the capability of shadow destroyer in PVP.

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Blade & Soul: Soul Badge & Mystic Badge

Soul BadgeBlade & Soul Online introduces a new type of equipment, namely Soul Badge (神功牌) & Mystic Badge (秘功牌) which can  improve the effect of certain skills. Each Soul Badge & Mystic Badge are class specific and do not add any stats at all. The information and effect of these badges are based on Blade & Soul KR and CN; the info might differ from BnS NA/EU.

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Blade & Soul: Automaton Lab Guide

Automaton Lab Guide Automaton lab is the latest heroic dungeon released in Blade & Soul Online. The guide explains the stage mechanics and boss’s skills.  The 6-man  mode for this dungeon is made easier with additional +600 attack, +750 hit rate and +1500 pierce buff, on top of 60% damage reduction.  However, without the buff, 4-man Automaton Research Lab is tougher than Naryu Sanctum.

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Blade & Soul: Level 50 Weapon & Accessories Analysis Post S2.8

S2.8 weapon analysis Blade & Soul Online CN has introduced another tier of weapon and accessories after the release of the 24-man raid Black Skyscraper and heroic instance, Naryu Sanctuary. These weapons and accessories are the end-game equipments for level 50 cap currently. This article compares the performance and effect of these new gears  against the past S2.5-era gears.

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Blade & Soul: Blade Master Guide (3.0) by Gwen


A sword represents balance, and the Blade Master (BM) is the embodiment of an all-rounded class in Blade & Soul Online.

Being both offensive and defensive, Blade Master has good synergy with any class including blade masters themselves, above average disables and great mobility.

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Blade & Soul: Skybreak Spire Guide

Black Skyscraper Guide Skybreak Spire (Black Skyscraper) is the first real 24-man raid in Blade & Soul Online. It is also the toughest instance ever released in the game, with extremely complicated boss mechanics. The dungeon consists of 4 stages, and the progress of the raid is automatically saved for 1 week (reset every Friday morning).

Unlike the easy mode, Dawn of Khanda Vihar or Night of Wind Plain, this dungeon is extremely difficult to clear with random party, at least for now. It requires a good party leader and cooperative party members to handle the boss mechanics. However, if you are lucky or know some friends in big guilds, you might stand a chance to clear the first few stages. The rewards for clearing include new weapon (S2.8), new offensive elemental accessories, and various valuable crafting materials for these new gears.

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Blade & Soul: Assassin PVE Guide by Gucci

blade & soul assassin guide

Assassin is a fast DPS class with high mobility in Blade & Soul online. Assassin’s stealth stance (invisible), allows them to move freely around their enemy without being seen. Once they are in stealth stance, movement and evasion will increase. Assassins have a few skills which allow to move instantly to enemy back. Assassin relies on their poison stacking to deal high damage to enemies.

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