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For players who would like to share their guides or articles for Dragon Nest Online or Blade & Soul Online, do register for an account at Freedomplays. After that, leave me a private message at my facebook page.


The articles can include any of the following:
* Skill build/guide for a specific class (doesn’t matter if the guide for that class has been posted before)
* Review or skill test for a recent update
* Guide for Raid or Nest
* Game mechanics
* PVP Guide

Anyone can post the articles, even if you are not a Freedom guild member. Please “save as draft” first before publishing the article. I will vet and format it accordingly.

It is a excellent opportunity to share your insight on the game, as well as conveying your view to the player community of the game. It will also help to generate traffic your youtube channel or video (if you embed them in your article) and build your own subscriber/fan base.


For high quality articles, money (real life money, not in-game money :D) will be paid through Paypal (if you are not in Singapore) or bank transfer (only for Singapore bank account). The rewards differ depending on the quality, article type and the interest from the readers.

Furthermore, if you are a Freedom guild members, you will be promoted to Senior Guild Member for quality article contribution. The status is a permanent one, even if you left the guild and come back some day in the future.

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