Revelation Online: Day-Night Weather Effect


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Revelation Online 天谕, a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by NetEase (China)  will be commencing its 2nd CBT (without data wipe) on 15th Jan 2015. The game will feature day night transition with various unique weather effect.  Video and screenshots showcasing the scenery under day-night weather effect have been released.

flower sea
Celestial Flower Sea – Day
flower sea night
Celestial Flower Sea – Night


Deity Academy – Day
academy night
Deity Academy – Night


Seaside- Day
seaside night
Seaside- Night

Various gameplay elements related to the day-night transition will be implemented in the game. For example, certain nocturnal animals can only be captured at night, or worms can only be extracted from the muddy soil after a heavy rain.

Revelation Online is developed on NetEase’s “Big Bang” engine. The game has been in development for almost 4 years. NetEase has plans to publish Revelation Online in overseas market. The main concept of the game revolves around “No Restriction”, along with the fantasy world envisioned by a famous writer, 江南. Action-based battle system with double-flight engine are among the many key innovations of the game.

Freedom guild for English speaking players will be formed in Revelation Online in the upcoming CBT on 15th Jan 2015. Do join us if you are interested to play the game. Refer to the guide by Claris to gain access to the CBT.

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