Revelation Online CBT Review


Quest & Reputation

There are tonnes of daily / weekly quests in Revelation Online.  Some of these quests can only be done during a certain day of the week or a certain time. For example, fishing competition (7pm-720pm) and theme park (Wed & Fri), faction war (Thu) etc.

Quest schedule

The amount of daily time which you would need to spend in-game to clear these daily quests are on the high side, as compared to the MMORPG’s i have played so far, simply due to the sheer amount of quests available.  The quests come in wide range of variety, ranging from clearing dungeons, helping newbies, playing mini-games, grinding, treasure hunting, flying around talking to NPC’s all over the world, trading goods etc.

One of the daily quests worth mentioning here is the Guidance Quest. You can accept a quest which requires you to help a lower level players to clear a specific dungeon.  The reward is pretty good, including experience, guidance point (which can be used to exchange for goodies), reputation items (more on that later) etc.  This is a healthy system whereby, new players will get the help automatically, from higher level players to clear dungeons and farm their gears. During the guidance mode dungeon, the mentor’s level and stats are adjusted to a lower level as well.

Besides experience, gold and items, most quests grant you another important asset: Reputation. You hold a reputation value for each town or NPC organization in the game.  Higher reputation value allows you to buy certain rare local specialty items (used for crafting etc) from the local NPC, You can also accept good paying job quests at their notice board (which gives unbinded gold) at higher reputation.

Reputation Benefit

Reputation of a town or NPC group can be increased by performing quest given by the NPC there, or clearing dungeons in that area, or supply them with the Reputation Items they want (which can be obtained from guidance quest, dungeons etc).

Reputation Gift


Social & Life Skill

Revelation has a very intricate social & life skill system.  Social level is a separate level from the character level  and can be increased by performing life skills. A set of social stats dictates the amount of vigor and mental ability (which are resources for doing life skills), the rate of getting double experience, the rate of vigor/mental recovery, the rate of harvesting rare items, the type of material you can harvest etc.

Social Stats

Life skills which can be performed in game , include fishing, gathering rocks/plants, alchemy, crafting potions, cooking,  etc. Life skill has its own skill tree which can be unlocked to gain new social stats, learn new crafting recipe or gathering new materials from world map.

life skill tree


Cash Shop

Cash shop sells various VIP services, which allow you to gain more experience, access to additional stats page & skill build page (which you can switch around anytime) etc.  It also sells costumes, wings and mounts.

The basic monthly VIP service includes:
* 10% more exp from killing mobs
*  free 4000 non-binded gold DAILY
* +20% Qing Gong recovery outside of battle
* 2 x Experience Pill (eat to gain exp) per day
* 2 free world shout per day

The basic VIP service is a very worthwhile investment since the daily non-binded gold reward pays for the service itself (and you even earn gold from it).

Some of the items, which are sold in the cash shop are not obtainable in game or they cannot be farmed from in-game consistently. For example, the skill scroll required (need to collect 20x) to learn the ultimate unparalleled skills can only be purchased in cash shop.  Similarly, permanent costume, mount and wings can only be obtained through cash shop.

cash shop

That being said, the items sold in the cash shop are still acceptable. Materials for crafting end-game gears etc are not sold and can only be farmed in-game. Also, since in-game gold can be traded into cash shop point, non-cash users can also purchase these cash shop items if they can earn enough gold.


To be honest, I join Revelation without much anticipation since the art and world concepts do not appeal to me. However, after playing the game for ~ 1 month, i feel that the game is actually pretty good, with a lot of unique, deep and complex systems.  I must say, it exceeds my initial expectation.

The amount of activities and the huge variety of quests available in game keep you occupied without feeling bored for long hours every day.  I have not even covered more than half of them in this review. The reuse & recycle concept of gearing, variety of life skills, flight system, elaborate character development and dungeons with high difficulties are among the key selling points of the game. Although the story telling and cut-scene are not very well-done (weird sound effect, sub-par voice-acting, awkward animation to name a few), the main and side stories are actually pretty good and, sometimes touching. 

Revelation Online is currently in CBT phase and it has been updated almost daily. The developer do seems to care about the feedback of CBT players.  I sincerely hope that the various aspects of the games, especially the party matching system, and availability of wings/mounts/end-game skills,  can be improved in due time.


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this game kinda remind me more to Forsaken World than B&S lol