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Besides leveling up, there are also other ways to strengthen your character through gears and divine plate. Similar to all MMORPG’s, you can enchant (+) your gears and slot gems into them to boost your stats.

Furthermore, new abilities (stats) will be awaken after using the gear in battle long enough, in the so-call “Melding” process.  Higher level gears allow you to perform “upgrading” of fully melded gear, up to 3 to 4 times, each time adding more stats to it.


One neat feature which i like about Revelation Online is that you can transfer the enchantment level (+) from gear to gear. Unlike Dragon Nest, whereby you will have to enchant your gear all over again when you change a new set of equipment, you can just transfer the + from your current gear to new gear.

enchant transfer

Also, there is less randomness involved in the enchanting process. You cannot fail if you put sufficient materials to enchant it. For example, from + 0 to + 1 require a minimum of 1 x Turtle Soul , which give you ~ 50% success rate. If you put 2 x Turtle Soul instead, it will be 100 % success. However, the stats increase per enchantment level is indeed random, but you can always redo it if you are a perfectionist (and not to mention rich).

All the gems slotted into your current gear can be recycled (though with some cost). Low level gems can be combined into a higher levels one.

gem combine

Asides from the conventional weapons, armors and accessories, there is another set of equipment call Divine Plate. You can think of this as a variation of Bopae system in Blade & Soul.  You can attach various stats-boosting plate into the slots.  Each plate gives some elemental points. If the elemental point combination aligns correctly, you will trigger a variety of stats bonus. Similar to gems, low level Divine Plates can be combined into higher levels one. Some Divine Plates strengthen battle skills as well.

Divine Plate

In short, the gearing system in Revelation Online promotes the recycle and reuse concept, whereby lower level stuffs need not to be throw away but can be upgraded or its ability can be transferred into higher level one.


Currency is another complex aspect of Revelation Online. Typically, one would expect only one or two type of currencies in a game. Revelation Online has so much more. First, the Binded Gold, which can be obtained very easily but they can’t be used to trade with players.  Binded Gold can only be used to deal with certain NPC and pay for the cost of teleportation, repair etc.

Next, there is the real Gold (non-binded), which allows you to trade and buy stuffs from other players. There are only limited ways to obtain this, mainly through weekly demon banishing quest, VIP daily reward, job quest at town (limited quest available each hour), random drop from grinding dungeon (small amount), main/side quest (not repeatable) etc.

There is the Cash Shop Point, which allows you to buy items from the cash shop. Like most Chinese MMORPG’s, you can actually purchase cash shop point with in-game gold.  Unlike DN and BNS, the cash shop point which you obtain through selling in-game gold, can be used to purchase everything in the cash shop without restriction, including wings, mount, costume etc.

Asides from these 3 major currencies, there are other points which you can collect and exchange goodies from NPC, for example Four Emperor Point, Guidance Point, Cloud Point, Military Point etc. They can’t be traded between players though. For example, Cloud Point can be obtained weekly from Demon Banishing quest and can be used to purchase items such as Turtle & Tiger Souls (which is used to enchant gears), Wing and Mount Potions (to replenish durability), and skill pages (which can be used to purchase new Unparalleled Skills).



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this game kinda remind me more to Forsaken World than B&S lol