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Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a fantasy MMORPG developed by NetEase China and has started its CBT in Jan 2015. This is a brief overall review, covering various aspects and unique features of the game. Detailed guides will be written in coming months, hopefully to help other players in upcoming OBT.

Combat System

Revelation Online adopts a non-targeting action combat system similar to Dragon Nest Online.  There are actually a few combat control modes to choose from but i prefer the action control sine it feels more natural (after years of playing DN and BNS).

The party-play revolves the conventional Tank-Healer-DPS combination. Normal dungeon party consist of 5 men while raid party consists of 10. Revelation Online has a huge overworld, aside from instances and dungeons.

The dungeons have various difficulties, ranging from easy mode, hard mode to advanced (god slayer) mode. The advanced mode dungeons are very tough and requires proper gearing from players with good understanding of the boss mechanics.

Asides from HP & MP, there is a 3rd resources in combat, call Unparalleled Point (UP).  You can gain UP by using your skills. UP is required for casting powerful Unparalleled Skill.  Currently, there are 8 Unparalleled Skills for each class.  UP can only be accumulated and stored in combat; you will lose all UP once you are out of combat.

Potions which heals HP and MP can be used, but the CD is quite long. Therefore, healers play an important role in the game. There are up to 6 playable classes, namely, Paladin, Light Blader, Elemental Swordmaster, Gunner, Summoner and Necromancer (for more information, refer to class introduction). The healer classes are Summoner and Necromancer.

Although there is a party matching and listing system, Chinese players somehow don’t like to use it and resort to world-shouting to look for dungeon party.  This can be huge problem for English players who cannot understand Chinese.  The party finder system is somewhat inefficient since the matching doesn’t automatically choose the right party composition (1 Tank + 1 Healer +3 DPS for example).  A random matching obviously will not work for most dungeon (except for easy ones), which partially justify the shouting-for-party issue.


Flight System

One of the key attraction of Revelation Online is the flight system. It allows players to soar through the sky with a huge variety of wings. Wings have durability and need to be maintained with special consumable items, or else its flight speed will be decreased (though still usable).

A pair of beginner wings will be given to all players upon reaching a certain level. Higher-grade wing which allow you to fly faster, can be purchased from the cash shop. The wings not only facilitate the movement of players throughout the huge world, it is actually part and parcel of daily quests, which require you to travel around the vast overworld. A faster pair of wings translate to higher efficiency in completing these quests.

Special aerial combat skills can be learned and used to fight players and monsters in air as well.  Currently, most dungeons do not allow you to use wings but it has also been mentioned that in the future, dungeons which involve aerial combat will be added.

Besides wings, there are also flying mounts , which can accommodate 2 players (eagle for example).  This feature is very convenient (or perhaps romantic) for completing daily quest in party.


Character Development

Revelation Online has one of the most complex and elaborate character development and gearing system i have ever seen in MMORPG.  There are many routes and methods to strengthen your characters, and it can be slightly overwhelming for new players to learn them.

However, the tutorial guides are indeed quite helpful for this. After reaching a certain level, new aspect of strengthening will be revealed to you through tutorial quests and guides.  I will go through these aspect in detail in subsequent guide, but here i will merely touch on some of the mechanics briefly.

Upon level up, each characters are given a certain amount of “Potential Point” (PP), which can be distributed to one of the 5 stats: Strength, Intelligent, Agility, Vitality and Spirit.  Each of these stats influence other battle stats, such as phy/mag attack & defence, hit / evasion rate, crit rate, crit damage, block rate, Max HP & MP etc.

However, as you invest more in a certain stats, the amount of PP to raise that stats will be increased. For example,
– if you have 1 Strength currently, you can raise +1 Strength by using 1 PP.
– However, if you have 10 Strength now, you will need to spend 2 PP to increase the strength by +1.
– In the same manner, if you have 170 Strength, you will need to spend 18 PP just to +1 Strength!

stats UI

Therefore, the stats distribution is actually a optimization mathematical problem.

Aside from stats point, Skill Point (SP) are granted at each level for players to level up and learn new skills. Again, SP investment involves the same diminishing return principle as PP: + 1 SP per skill level at low skill level and up to  +3 SP per skill level at higher skill level.

skill UI

It doesn’t stop here. After level 49,   a whole new dimension of skill enhancement opens up.  You will gain access to Skill Specialization whereby you can enhance your current skills in many ways through Skill Specialization Point (SSP). The trick is here, you can only gain SSP by sacrificing your character EXP. An optimal balance between character EXP (thus leveling up) and SSP (thus enhancing your skill) is required.

sklll enhance point


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this game kinda remind me more to Forsaken World than B&S lol