Moonlight Blade Interview: Tian Xiang Class, Faction War And More


Moonlight Blade Tian Xiang

1st Aug – An interview has been conducted with the developer of Moonlight Blade Online, Mr Hai Peng, the day before the release of “Tian Xiang”, a new umbrella yielding class in the CBT. Information regarding the upcoming major update in September has been revealed in this interview as well. According to the latest information, players can complete a special achievement (opening all the fog throughout the whole world map) to enable the costume, stats etc to be stored and brought over to the next beta test. Therefore, it is likely that the next release would be a beta test without wipe.
Main Points of the Interview:

  • Completion of Special “Chronicle” achievement will enable character data storage
  • Next beta could be a wipe or non-wipe beta test
  • Tian Xiang, the new umbrella yielding class; easy to learn, can heal and deal good damage
  • Faction War coming soon; release faction area war in the end of Aug
  • Release new version/major update in September; introduce gameplay involving sailing out to open sea
  • Improve Meridian system

New Class: Tian Xiang

Q: Can you please introduce the characteristic of the new class “Tian Xiang”? How is the class different from other classes?
A: Tian Xiang has healing skills, but the class is not just focused on healing only. The offensive skills and healing skills are both pretty good. Tian Xiang is a very beautiful class; we especially focus on its beauty during the development stage.
Q: Specifically, what is the difference between Tian Xiang in terms of game play , as compared to other classes?
A: The first difference would be in terms of character apperance; the second would be the handling and control of the character. Moonlight Blade is defined as an action-oriented game, but the attack aiming is not as accurate as other action games. The main learning barrier for an action game is typically on the movement of camera angle (to aim your skill). We hope to further smooth out the learning curve, such that average players and female players can easily pick up and join the game.

Therefore, we make sure that Tian Xiang skills does not move the character around too much during skill casting, unlike classes such as Taibai which tend to move 180 degree behind the target.

Moonlight Blade

Q: It sounds like it is difficult to aim and lock-on to your target.
A: Yes indeed. Therefore,  Tian Xiang skills such as triple attack will automatically charge towards the target , followed by a jump backwards to prevent unnecessarily large relative movement between the caster and the target. We are trying our best to improve the character control, making the game easier to learn.
Q: Why is a new healer class added in this update?
A: Our intention is to encourage variety in gameplay. Many players, especially female ones, prefer to use a healer class in most games. We make it a point to satisfy every player.

We have adjusted the party size from 5 in the 2nd CBT to 4 in this 3rd CBT. In this party setup, if you swap a damage dealer with a healer, the party would be 75% damage dealer and 25% healer.  By sacrificing some damage dealing capability, the party can be more stable, and less prone to mistake. This is especially useful for beginners of the game. The addition of a healer class allows a more flexible party combination.

moonlight blade faction war

Q: Adding a healer class will probably allow a more organized role sharing in clearing instances/dungeons?
A: Actually, we are not trying to promote the typical tank-healer-dps gameplay. We are hoping to make some innovations on the traditional gameplay. If we were to make another martial art version of World of Warcraft, it would be a boring game.

The aim of adding a healer class is to allow more room for error when attempting tough instances.  Tough dungeons which require strong  strategic gameplay will enhance the enjoyment of the game.



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