Dragon Nest Update 8th Dec: Sorceress Spin-off Class – Black Mara


black-mara Dragon Nest KR has released the new spin-off class for sorceress: Black Mara on 8th Dec 2016, along with various skill changes to Kali, Lencea etc.

The skill description and video for Black Mara are detailed in a separate article.

Skill Changes (PVE)


Chain Claw:  1446% > 2792%

Rampage Claw: CD is changed from 30 sec to 24 sec

Spirit Paper: 420% > 676%

Cling Snake: 492% > 689%

Beast Spirit: 4016% > 5973%

Dragon’s Soul: 6983% > 10424%

Increase Soul: The skill is removed

Dark Summoner

Sadism Pleasure
– disable stacking effect; boost skill effect
– remove additional cast with left-click
– duration is increased from 40 sec to 120 sec

Class Mastery II: attack increase 10% > 25%

Shattered Hand (Awakening Skill): 6420% > 8948%

[Awakening Passive] Revenge Hand
– [Awakening Passive] Resent Area is replaced with [Awakening Passive] Revenge Hand.
– after the explosion, you can summon another hand to spirit once more.

Soul Eater

Class Mastery: Attack increase 12% > 30% (possible mistake in update note)

Soul Liberate (Awakening skill)
– Turning Step can be used while casting this skill
– slightly increase AoE

Spirit Dancer

Acanthus (Awakening Skill)
– casting speed increase
– 4780% > 8009%

Hammer Crusher (Awakening Skill): 8330% > 10799%

[Awakening Passive] Sufi Dancer
– [Awakening Passive] Wide Stinger is replaced by [Awakening Passive] Sufi Dancer
– the scattered sufi dancers will return to the original location after spreading to deal more damage.

[Awakening Passive] Spirit Possession
– [Awakening Passive] Praetor is replaced by [Awakening Passive] Spirit Possession
– the damage of Wide Stinger is increased and recover CD on hit.
– Praetor CD is reduced  and deals 1 more hit.



– the name is changed to [Energy]
– Max 20.

Will Maker
– remove Fatigue related effect
– HP recoverage 0.5% > 1%

Erratic Power
– remove the penalty for max [Energy]
– gain [Focus] status when max [Energy]
– [Focus] increase movement speed by 5%


Spinning Cut EX
– the time frame to use Strengthen Spinning Cut is increased by 50%
– the additional hit can be cast more quickly

Class Mastery
– Under [Focus] status, Stab Screw is changed to [Strengthen] Stab Screw
– [Strengthen] Stab Screw: 2500% of Stab Screw, apply Weak Point on enemy, consume 20 [Energy]

Sting Breezer

Class Mastery
– Under [Focus] status, Spring Haze is changed to [Strengthen] Sping Haze.
– [Strengthen] Spring Haze: maintain the surroudning [After-imagine] on the ground; [After-image] will remain on enemies after using Arcane Focus.



[Steam]: max is changed to 20

Flow Up: increase 20% superarmor break

– remove the original skill effect
– add HP recovery effect

Step Up: gain 2 [Steam] after casting.

Foot Stomping:  gain 2 [Steam] after casting.

Rock Away: gain 2 [Steam] after casting.


Overboost (Attack)
– consume all [Steam] on cast
– CD is changed to 60 sec
– duration is changed to 35 sec
– the CD of main skills are reduced by 1 sec when Gear Step hits
– final damage is changed to 10%
– additional action speed increase is changed to 5%
– Overboost can be cast while you are under Overboost status.

Class Mastery
– Agi + 50%
– Final damage + 50%
– remove Agi boost from [Steam]


– action speed increas 20% > 15%
– consume all [Steam] on cast
– CD is changed to 45 sec
– duration is changed to 35 sec
– final damage is changed to 10%
– mag defence increase is changed to defence +22%
–  Overboost can be cast while you are under Overboost status.

Beat Down EX
– additional damage 100% > 200%
– CD is reduced by  4 sec

Leap Over EX
– additional damage 100% > 200%
– CD is reduced by  8 sec

Taunting Blow: 1786% > 3992%

Taunting Blow EX: automatically ignite after marking duration ends.

Class Mastery
– Agi + 50%
– Final damage + 50%
– remove Agi boost from [Steam]



Heal Shower
– AoE 7m > 30m
– HP recovery is changed to 18%
– cannot be cast when you are under immobile status.



Great Heal: AoE 7m > 30m

[Awakening Passive] Great Heal: AoE 7m > 30m



Outbreak: 1125%>  2193%

Spectral Guise: change to Dark elemental

Illusion Strike: 149% > 185%

Night Explosion: 2781% > 3131%

Plasma Burst: 2690% > 4041%

Ring Strike: 246% > 321%

Shadow Focus: 1460%, Dark Burn explosion 5% > 1745%, Dark burn explosion 10%


Light Fury

Outbreak EX: 30% > 80%

Ring Strike EX: 30% > 50%

Sunshine Spark: 2055% > 2906%

Class Mastery: Light elemental attack 10% > 20%


Abyss Walker

Nightfall: damage on cast 10% > 1000%

Class Mastery: Dark elemental attack 10% > 20%


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Return 5 sec FA again xDD


Hi there!

anyone korean users will bi kind to share all new 4th january updated balanced skills ?


Hay Guys Be reality How To Kill Shadow ?? In Dragon Nest Skill Summon Shadow Bringer you can kill shadow with all your skill psyic and magic but reality guys in fast and furious you kill shadow just with GOD Eyes Damn It this not Reality ^^

black jack

Change Ultimate skil Light Furry Plis No damage ultimate skil Light Furry Like a Awakend saint anthipona pool NOOB and stun anthipona pool like a out break LF and light furry jop have a light atrribute but not have possitif de buff why not like CL

holy shit

Hahaha i thing skill CL copying Light Furry Lol




Light Furry Plis Repair Healing of Chakra just up Mp and healing of anza a cat disappear in 10s Wtf


WhY Light furry no changed CD skil SSS in Pvp 40s to 30s <because SSS skil no have CD skill plate and Ring Of strike add invisible time plis


Ring strike already has invincible time. It is right when you jump before start turning around


Can i ask when will they remove DA and SH from character creation ? I mean completely delete the class. Because no one even play those class anymore and they are too weak , far behind every classes. The devs don’t even care about DA or SH then why don’t they just remove the class already. Dead avenger and Suffer hunter more likely


I think devs will boost those class in the future because, yes they are dead class and almost no one play that class


The only thing i heard is they will “take a look” at SH and DA when they have done the awakening for all classes. Which sounds like forever


well, when u said forever, now they(KR) boost both of it now in january pacth, which is quite a lot


Strengthen Stab Screw or Strengthen Spinning Skewer?


Sniper i think is over-nerfed…

since Siege is 50 secs…
easily canceled… even by small SA skills..
and more cd for evasive skills

make snipers gettin easily killed PVP ==”
but.. nvm..


fair enough I guess, luckily they didnt nerve the dmg


are* xD


the one who is overnerfed is smashers. . . .


Finally another guy notice this. My main char is smasher. She just get nerfed for every cap increase. From Arcane , LC, and now even spectrum ray and Nine tail laser,oh I forgot beyond time,now it only lasts for 5 secs in pvp,although it’s awekened. It doesnt help much
. I’m pvp guy. The nerf suffers her a lot

It’s pretty rare to find another smasher in pvp



LOL, lucky not damage was nerf but CD, look SS board damage, 200%/hit duration 10 second…are u kidding me? look Tempest Awaken skill punch just 200% for 1 hit. please be reality


but i still get rek’d by snipers in pvp, specially ladder
those siege arrow shower stance tho


i wonder if the developer s planning to not to continue dragon nest in the near future. all they did is just balancing this balancing that even though nothing was balanced. even they just killed priests a month ago. and now they release a broken character (ive seen her gameplay and review on youchoob) which will make balancing cycle even more ridiculous. basically, they did nothing new to the game after 3R revamp but killing it slowly. not to mention that there are no more competitive pvp event has been held since dwc 2014.


I thought the game was about to finish at 99 cap… Hm well, nvm then xD


Pls a proper revamp for HeroClasses T_T


the animation of skill is looks stupid as fuck, they “recyle” from the sorceress skill with black colors. Thanks Dev, now, i can know what meaning of the Dragon Nest “R”


Why would you say that after FOUR of spin-off classes released?
That’s SPIN-OFF CLASS she is still sorc of course she uses same animations this is logical even from lore side btw
Wait for entirely new male class that they promised after all awks

stab screw x25

WOW any vids sir??
– Under [Focus] status, Stab Screw is changed to [Strengthen] Stab Screw
– [Strengthen] Stab Screw: 2500% of Stab Screw, apply Weak Point on enemy, consume 20 [Energy]


i think devs forget about Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter


Wats Dark Avenger And Silver Hunter?


Thank you developers for making us wait for assassin/lancea awakening. knowing you are just working for another recycled class that looks like majesty version 2.0 instead of working on main classes awakening which is the main reason for class balancing issue. we will wait again for 1 or 2 months for news and get it almost a year for SEA. thank you, you guys are so intelligent.