Dragon Nest: Moonlord’s Lv65 Passive Magic Boost – The Limit in Raids


Calculation of 2x ATK cap and 50x Damage cap

The basis of damage calculation begins with skill board damage, expressed as X% + Y. It is important to remember that any increase in damage from the EX is an absolute increase, with it’s own separate multiplier from damage multiplier effects. For convenience, many people tend to post skill board damage (after coefficients, if any) including the boost from the EX.

This X% is where your 2x cap occurs. The formula for determining your P/MDMG is as expressed above, Base * (1+%gear) * (1+%skills/buffs). An important thing to remember here is that skills such as Genie and Cocktail that boosts your attribute stats increases your base damage directly. The formula is the same as for P/MDMG, Attribute stat * (1+%gear) * (1+%skills/buffs). There is no cap on this.


Will this affect the 2x cap? Let us use ML’s 65 Passive as an example to find out.

Let ML’s INT be 20,000.
After Genie +80%, INT gain = 16,000 INT
Base MDMG gain = 8,000 MDMG
65 Passive Gain = 25,600 MDMG
Max gain at 2x cap is 16,000 MDMG

We can see that ML’s MDMG gain from his 65 passive from additional INT% buffs will always exceed the Base MDMG gain in the formula. In this case, is the extra MDMG always wasted? No. Assuming

Base MDMG * (1+% gear) = 38,000
65 Passive Gain = 36,000
Max MDMG at 2x cap is 76,000

The gap of 2,000 that can still be gained can thus be covered by the “loss” of the 9,600 MDMG that we see in the above case, resulting in “only” a net loss of 7,600 MDMG.

However, this scenario will not occur 99.99% of the time. Practically speaking, with your own Brave, you will exceed the cap easily. ^^ What if you had 100k MDMG though as an example?

Base MDMG * (1+% gear) = 100,000
65 Passive Gain = 36,000
Max MDMG at 2x cap is 200,000
Gap is 64/200 =32%

Genie Scenario (just for demonstration, unrelated to text below)
Base MDMG * (1+% gear) = 100,000 + 8,000
65 Passive Gain = 36,000 + 25,600
Max MDMG at 2x cap is 216,000
Gap is 46.4/216 = 21.48%

From Brave, Striking, Healing of Chakra as well as INT% buffs etc, there is 64,000 MDMG that you can still make up for. That is at 100k MDMG of course, which isn’t realistic for most, if any players. I do hope this example allows people to see how important your Base MDMG * (1+% gear) is in a raid. While INT will benefit you more outside of raids, raid-wise one had better check their own balance between MDMG and INT to determine what is optimal (if they really want to optimize that badly of course).

Aside from MLs, for characters that cap with Battle Howl instead of a % based buff/skill, there is the possibility of not reaching the 100% cap after attribute stats buffs. In general though, this will not be an issue, particularly if you have a Bringer channelling Healing of Chakra. (or if you never did hit 100% in the first place of course)

Let skill board damage be expressed as A. This is the base that any further multipliers or damage duplication effects work on.

A is what your 50x cap works on. This means that your stats + skill board damage at the moment in which the damage mechanics determine the damage (the damage for some skills change along with the stats/buffs over time, while others are fixed at the time of casting) becomes the base of determining the maximum damage cap for that HIT. (Let’s leave double buffing summons aside)

Your maximum damage cap thus becomes 50A. This includes ANYTHING which modifies the damage that would have been A, if it did not exist. Before I proceed, please take note that I have yet to been able to test with

1. Chaser’s (Raven-side skills) unique defence reduction debuff (it doesn’t matter in the long run, since it won’t be major)
2. Critical Damage (which is my question above)

Let us term the maximum damage increase from this multipliers group B.

Ice Stack = up to 2*A
Damage Increase Debuff = up to 2*A
Critical = up to 3*A (I believe it should affect the 50x cap)
Negative Elemental Resistance = up to 2*A
Final Damage = up to from 2.2-2.7*A (Refer to my Final Damage guide for more information)
Elemental Attack = (let’s leave it at 2*A for this example, I am lazy to calculate the maximum dark% in the game and this differs greatly across the different versions)

Using ice stack, damage debuff, negative elemental resistance, and elemental attack, we can get 2*2*2*2*A = 16A
Max FD on a damage plated skill = *2.2 = 35.2A
Even excluding Critical Damage, 35.2A *2 (from Critical) would be 70.4A
At max Critical Damage, you can actually see 105.6A… if it wasn’t for the existence of the 50x cap.

As one can tell, it is unnecessary to push everything to the maximum in order to reach the 50x cap. Some multipliers are insanely hard to abuse. I would say the order of difficulty starting with the easiest in managing these multipliers are

1. Ice Stack
2. Damage Increase Debuff
3. Elemental Attack (for dark, since tough accessories are a 23% no other element can match.)
4. Critical (The difficulty between 3 and 4 depends mostly on class and element)
5. Negative Elemental Resistance (While attempting to stack this easy, particularly with INT III Elestras, this is party-dependent. People will get very mixed results. A good party will find this much easier of course)
6. Final Damage (FD buff classes aside… The cost is very prohibitive)

While it looks very nice in theory, I would wager 99.99% of the Dragon Nest population has never seen their character do a 50x cap hit. Is it possible for a non-elemental character to hit the 50x cap?

Ice Stack
Damage Increase Debuff
Final Damage

The very maximum possible would be a max FD Sniper somehow magically obtaining max Critical Damage with Cheating Point active using a damage-plated physical skill

2 * 2 * 3 * 2.7 = 32.4A

Non-elemental or non-elemental converted characters will NEVER hit the 50x cap under the current system. I hope people see why the elemental conversion jades / Dark manticore weapons are so popular despite the elemental attack / board damage penalty.


Now we have

Skill board damage = A
Total damage multiplier = B, where B is capped at 50 in raids

With the introduction of Dancers (I believe the bugged Cheating Point was the first example of damage duplication, my memory could be faulty though), Damage Duplication became an additional source of damage for a PARTY that falls outside of A and B. Let’s not cover it’s special characteristics for now, and focus on the damage. Where B modified A’s damage by multiplying it, damage duplication works on the damage of A*B by adding an extra damage number prefixed by the + sign. If the effect is 50%, we would have damage AB, followed by +0.5AB

Damage duplicator effects don’t stack on each other, and are in their own category. Let us use c% to represent it.

A is where the 2x cap applies, acting on the X% of (X%+Y)
B is where the 50x cap applies, acting on A
Damage duplication introduces a separate number, which is +c%(AB)

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