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guardian guide

iAvalon from Dragon Nest NA shares his guardian build for PVE at level 70/80 cap, along with gearing and gameplay tips.


Hi I’m iAvalon. I’m an NA Dragon Nest player since 10-X-2011. I’m a Guardian main with a lot of insight and knowledge to this class. The Guardian class is one of the most underplayed and underrated classes since 60/70 cap with new methods of clearing dungeons and raids. What I mean is the role of a solo tanking Guardian is replaced with high dps and dodging mechanics where the bosses deal AOE damage and disregards aggro. And the worst part is that any party would prefer a Crusader over a Guardian since they do more damage and Guardian’s bubble shield does not play a big of a role any longer. Since I am from NA I am not familiar with SEA’s naming like Divine avatar instead of Heart of Glory or Miracle Relic for Grand Sigil, please bear with me.

Why Guardian?

I fell in love with the Guardian ever since Apoc nest came out. I was tired of seeing people dying and decided to be the last one standing. Over the years the gameplay and tanking mechanics changed for the worse for Guardians. Although Crusaders have potentially the highest burst damage in the game a well geared and played Guardian can prove just as powerful. Also funding a Guardian is a lot easier than a Crusader since we can disregard magic damage and int. Our main stats are str and vit.

Skill build for 70 cap

This is for 70 cap PVE.

guardian skill 1

guardian skill 2

guardian skill 3

This skill build works for me and my playstyle and should be used as a reference. There is no one true right way to build or play a character so it is up to you to experiment and find your preferences.

Explanation: I will try to answer most of the possible questions you may have upon seeing this build but I may not answer them all. Please feel free to comment and I will give my best explanation.


Dive Kick – One of my favorite recovery passive skills. Guardians have a big shield on the ground but if we are lifted into the air we are squishy as pudding. So after a quick aerial evasion followed by a sharp dive kick to the ground helps us take our stance on the floor. We do not fly well.

Righteous Bolt – Prereq. for Charitable Zap. + Phys based so naturally weak magic attack.

Block – Level 9 offers 10 blocks which is the max # of bubbles Autoblock EX can hold. So if you get caught in ex. Manti hurricane you can easily charge it up 10x without fear of wasting excess sp and bubbles overcharging.

Heal – Heals lol.

Toughness – 3 This skill is useful but not all that necessary because to fully make use of it one needs to get hit with damage. Being a Guardian your job is to block and avoid damage so if you are truly making full use of this you are not doing a good job. This is just a little safety in-case you get hurt. Also this is the next best thing to take points out of to bring goddess relic to its next power spike (11). Very little influence in 70 cap from my experience.

Attuned Mind – Very nice to never have to worry about running out of mp with constantly having your aura up. In fact I regenerate more mp than I consume so it relieves my mind a lot and I personally love this skill.

No kicks? – Yes because with the recent changes to the crusader tree giving Sacred hammering a physical portion makes it a perfect filler skill for Guardians. #1 It saves 2 crest action speed slots from kicking. #2 Sacred Hammering is also physical. #3 S.H. is light-based meaning even more power.


Goddess Relic- Very nice physical light damage skill with a relatively short cooldown. Great at taking out trash mobs and dps even at level 1.

Provoke- Greatest aggro skill. Why not leave it at 4? Because leveling this reduces the potential damage you take, and reduces cooldown. Why does the cooldown matter? Because if you mess up the provoke you have a safety margin so you can recast if missed. Also it serves as an animation cancel when finishing up sacred hammering rotation (Will explain below).

Sacred Hammering – Great filler skill in between down time and while buff is active gives Light atk %.

Divine Ascension – This is your top DPS efficiency skill and underrated in my opinion. Compared to smite it has roughly the same or even 50% more phys% dmg but an amazing 5 sec CD @ 70 cap. This skill will be broken @ 80 cap (Come faster to NA plz).

Armor break – Great Damage boost debuff.

Charitable Zap – Prereq. for smite.

Divine Punishment – Need for EX.

Electric Smite – Great bust skill. Physical and light based which is perfect for Guardians. Mainly because Guardians have so little offense in their tree this is a MUST. Also the -15% Light is godly too.

Shield Charge – Primarily used for mobility. This skill replaces iron will and helps block damage while casting. -50% damage while casting is really overlooked.

Iron Will – Do not need. As mentioned above shield charge does just as well. And Guardians have so many blocks, divine barrier, hog, Toughness already that this skill (although good at reducing damage) is impractical against big raids and pve.

Divine Hammer ulti – Great for clearing trash mobs. Also a very long ranged skill relative to Guardian’s close range skills.

Heart of Glory or Divine Avatar – Arguably the best ultimate in the game. Alone it does not do much but it empowers your range and boosts every other skill you have. Also a disregarded portion of this skill is how the i-frames are used for dps. The biggest difference between the damage boost from this skill compared to the hammer ulti is that you cannot be canceled and have no need to dodge. Dodging is crucial but it can often times cut into your dps. So in a way HOG has hidden dps allowing more damage to be done by getting rid of the need to dodge.

Conviction Aura – Massive light elemental damage boost. A MUST.

Divine Vengeance (Branching off of Divine Ascension) – In my opinion a waste of skill points because D.A. far exceeds the damage even though Vengeance has more physical % because of D.A.’s light conversion. Not enough dps for the sp investment.


Divine Barrier – Great shield / Damage / Super Armor. The SA is the most important part in my opinion because of the lack of need to dodge as mentioned from Divine Avatar. It indirectly boosts one’s dps by cutting down time to dodge and does not let skills like smite be canceled.

Justice Crash (I’m sorry Falling Angel is sooooo lame) – Great Physical % but unfortunately not as powerful during 70 cap because it is not light based. But still decent damage.


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You are not utilizing your maximum output rather your build waste too much sp on skills which gives less in return for your character build up. A lil tweak here and there would be nicer. Although skills such as provoke its really personal preference i guess. In whole, not bad but not that good. (Just skip skills from ariel block onwards, its lackluster and underpowered)<<< personal preference as well


Divine Punishment EX give speed increase buff i think it is really needed by a guardian


don’t waste sp in lvl 6 provoke, 4 is enough equip a skill heraldy duration,
toughness is waste of sp. we have high hp and def
lvl 9 block offers 10 block, also offer cancel >.<.. max lvl is 6 for me.
DA is 1, put 1 sp in thor hammer good in damage and the revamp is give best dps in paladin..


i agree about provoke but i take it to level 5 just for lower CD and make sure boss is to me,
i get toughness lv max cause i think the more i can tank the better i do my job,
block offer cancel but you can use Divine Ascension after block, good compensation to me, just not use your ulti when cast block
i take DA to lv 2 cause i never use thor hammer, i don’t like long casting animation skill


nice build i have guardian too this build is excellent for me………….