Dragon Nest: Black Mara – Skill Descriptions, Video & Data


Black mara Black Mara (or Nightmare Magica in JP) is the spin-off class for Sorceress in Dragon Nest Online. Skill details, descriptions and data are translated in this post. Take note that these data are listed when Black Mara is first released in DN KR; for subsequent skill changes, refer to the latest update notes.

Similar to other spin-off classes, Black Mara shares the 1st skill page with Sorceress. Only max level skill data is listed here.


Skills are listed from top to bottom, then left to right, according the skill tree. 

Unleash magical beam from finger tip to attack enemies. Can be used in air.
CD 6 sec
Lv 19 – 1500%
Transform: Throw the scythe towards frontal enemies
Lv 19 – 2250%

Launch bolt which is formed by gathering dark aura. The power is increased as you gather more dark aura. Explosive black shards are scattered on impact. Can be charged up to 3 stages, each increasing damage by 100%. Stage 1 generates 2 shards; each stage produces 2 additional shards.
CD 14 sec
Lv 18 – 2260%;  shards’ damage 10% of Cleaving
Transform: Charge up magical power and raise the enlarged scythe before slashing down on frontal enemies.
Lv 18 – 10170%

Void Coil
Throw Shards of Suffering continuously.
CD 11 sec
Lv 15 – Each shards 820%.
Transform: Swing the scythe and generate dark tornado to attack continuously.

Black Strike
Conjure dark tornado which deals damage to enemies and drags enemies to the center of the tornado.
CD 14 sec
Lv16 –  5100%
Transform: Hurl the scythe to the front and charge forward, generating shock wave along the path and dragging enemies to the middle. After charging, press Special Attack to return to the starting point.
Lv16 – 7650%

Smoke Storm
Summon a Death Marking which deals damage to any enemies which touch it. The Death Marking sucks surrounding enemies towards it when summoned and increases in size over time.
CD 25 sec
Lv 13 – 8900%
Transform: Generate a Deadly Smoke Storm to deal continuous damage to surrounding enemies.
Lv 13 – 13350%

Deadly Smoke
Turn into Death Mist and become invincible. Part of the mist can  track enemies and deal damage to them.
CD 120 sec
Lv3 – 8100%


Control and swing smoke like a whip to attack enemies. You can teleport in different directions to launch the attack.
CD 6 sec
Lv 14 – 2860%

Wraith Form
Escape from your body and receive no damage. Wraith Form is ended whenever you cast something else.
CD 40 sec
Lv 1- 3 sec invincible

Shadow Shell
Protect yourself with shadow to reduce damage received and increase superarmor.
CD 30 sec
Lv1 – reduce damage received by 40%, increase superarmor by 50%, duration 20 sec.

Generate a shadow resonator above yourself. The resonator launches 2  projectiles at surrounding enemies whenever you cast your main skills. Resonator asts for 15 sec
CD 35 sec
Lv 1 – Each projectiles 250%
Lv 11 – Each projectiles 350%
The resonator is triggered on casting Ripping, Cleaving, Black Strike, Void Coil, Smoke Storm, Deadly Smoke.


Attack enemies with edge of corruption to lower enemies’ elemental resistance.
CD 9 sec
Lv 1- 200%, reduce target’s elemental resistance by 20% for 60 sec.

Complete Darkness
Increase your dark elemental attack for a period of time
CD 9 sec
Lv1 – increase 30% dark elemental attack for 10 minute.


Ebony Spark 
Press normal attack when you Blink or Charge to launch a dark flare to the front. Press special attack to throw the dark flare on the ground to induce explosion, deal damage to surrounding enemies and propel yourself into the air.
CD 6 sec
Lv 14 – 560%

Air Blink
Blink can be used in air.

Forgotten Wraith
Lv 1- For every sec in Wraith Form, recover the CD of all other skills (except for Wraith Form) by 3 sec. Recover 15% HP.

Press normal attack while airborne to flame of insult towards the ground to deal damage to surrounding enemies.
CD 15 sec
Lv 11 – 900% per flame

Unleash spinning scythe around yourself to deal damage to enemies. Can be triggered during any skill by pressing Jump. Can also be used in air.
CD 7 sec
Lv 1 – 1000%
Lv 10 – ??


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is there another black mara spin-off char. for sorc. after arh herectic patch?


Dragonest is pathetic now.

Sorceress Lover

Hi Chaose5, I found all Black Mara’s skills GIF here from Duowan 🙂


Thanks for your effort in updating news about DN always!


I posted this here incase you need this:

Black Mara Skill Preview


I am just waiting for DN to introduce a Bard Class, MUSIC IS POWER! maybe have the Lancea or the Machina have it as a second class, Support, Damage Dealer!


Can already tell shes broken as shit.


Something “new” about Black Mara, posted in NA forum.


credits to thread owner~


Why the new characters are female only? Wow… Will DN have only 3 male characters?


It’s not a new character. It’s just the spin of soccerer sam like avanger and silver hunter and also Ark from cleric




I think…DN only have 2 characters that dub with real male dubber….warrior is dubbed by female…. Include japan or Korea dub.

Bullshit promise

It looks like they even doesn’t care about awakening skills for 3 lastest heroes as they promise will be realesed on november ( 6month after 3 early classes skill awake release on May ).
They focused to spin-off characters that even never been discused before and let these 3 heroes an “discrimination” until 2017.

Good job devs.


They never said that spin off /hero classes would gain awakenings, in fact it was even stated that the spin offs WOULD NOT receive them, only the original classes….

Bullshit promise

I think u dont understand of my statement, what i mean is they had released a spin-off characters before all of original classes get awake skills that a spin off-c even doesn’t discussed before on big press media likes they promised for all ori characters before on May in Korea


I would only support your disagreement after november and the 3 jobs still didnt get awake yet


can’t wait for the kali awakening skills info. getting tired of my underpowered blade dancer not dealing decent amount of damage compared to my lancea even tho the dancer equipment is way better


you must be joking right..
dancers from the long long time a go are OP dps both in pvp and pve
even without awekening they’re still feared in pvp. include me,
just learn more how to use dancer properly. I bet you’re still suck with her


Lol BD underpowered


As i read the skills descriptions, “Doom Bolt” came unto my attention. It actually gave me a picture of Naruto fighting w/ Orichimaru wherefom, “Launch bolt which is formed by gathering dark aura. The power is increased as you gather more dark aura.” #justsayin


Ok this game needed melee-type sorc char
And since there was info about devs actually was planning to release her earlier than ArchE I think she’s pretty much done already and will be released soon
Hope devs finally starting to work on new male char that they promised :C


Majesty is almost melee


The spin-off Assassin is the only one male character left, I think :”>


I thought that only first four classes getting spin-off
Don’t think that they’ll do something like that
And they promised all-new CHARACTER not spin-off class

o .o

There is going to be at most so far 8 spin off classes,
Dark series has DA, AH, and now BM/NM
Holy series only has SH
However the devs did say that the next Holy class would be an “assassin-like” healing class, so its safe to assume that it could very well be an assassin spin-off class, OR it could be a random new class concept in general


“Black” Mara. Sounds racist =3


i think you are more racist than this person is. Even if its black who cares?


That’s just you being a racist thinking that ‘black’ automatically relates to racism.


I wonder why information for this class is showing up so early, compared to the other variations.