Blade & Soul CN June Update: Basin of Heaven, S2.6 & S2.7 Weapons


New Weapons

2 new weapons will be released, namely Heaven S2.6 and Space Time S2.7 weapons to bridge the gap between the existing S2.5 and S2.8 weapons.

S1 or S2.5 of various levels can be traded to S2.6 or S2.7, according to the chart here.

S2.6 Heaven Weapon effect

S2.6 Level 12 Stats & Effect
Attack 543, Crit 341, Pierce 243
Chance to trigger Heaven effect.
Chance to recover 100% Focus.
Heaven single buff: Attack +45, Crit rate +4%, Crit damage + 10%
Heaven 5 x buff: Attack +225, Crit rate +20%, Crit damage + 50%, refresh all skill CD when buff expires.
Skill effect for all classes are listed below:

Blade Master: Honed Slash (RB) damage + 10%
Kungfu Master: Cyclone Kick (F) damage + 10%
Destroyer: Cleave (RB) damage + 10%
Force Master: Frost Palm (RB) + 10%
Assassin: Heart Stab (RB) damage +10%
Summoner:  Rumblebees (RB) damage + 10%
Blade Dancer: Sundered (RB) damage + 10%
Warlock: Dragoncall (4) damage + 10%
Soul Fighter:  Right Blue Palm (RB) damage + 10%

*Note: all skills under the same tree are affected

S2.7 Space Time Weapon effect


S2.7 Level 15 Stats & Effect
Attack 621, Crit 518, Pierce 362
Chance to trigger Space Time effect.
Chance to recover 40% Focus per second for 5 sec.
Space Time 1 x buff: Attack +80, Crit rate +6%, Crit damage + 15%, Pierce +100.
Space Time 5 x buff: the Space Time buff becomes: Attack +400, Crit rate + 30%, Crit damage + 75%, Pierce +500,  Recover 10% Focus on crit, duration 15 sec.
Reset the CD of all skills when the 5 x Space Time buff ends.
Skill effect for all classes are listed below:

Blade Master
Honed Slash (RB) damage + 20%
Flicker (LB) damage +20%

Kungfu Master
Swift Strike (2) damage + 20%
Comet Strike (4) damage + 20%, CD minus 30%

Cleave (RB) damage + 20%
Wrath (LB) damage + 20%

Force Master
Blazing Beam (2) damage + 20%
Dual Dragon (F) damage + 30%

Heart Stab (RB) damage +20%
Dark Strike (F) damage + 12%

Rumblebees (RB) damage + 20%
Thorn Strike (2) damage + 35%, CD minus 20%

Blade Dancer
Rolling Typhoon (F) damage + 30%
Lightning Flash (F) damage + 30%

Dragoncall (4) damage +25%
Rupture (F) damage + 20%

Soul Fighter
Right Blue Palm (RB) damage + 20%
Dragon Blitz (F) damage + 30%

*Note: all skills under the same tree are affected

Official Announcement on New Weapons

  • The current stats, effect and upgrade cost for new weapons in the test server will be adjusted and do not represent the final product to be released into the official server.
  • The official code name for S1/S2.5 weapon = E1 while the code name for S2.8 = N1. The official code name for new weapons (S2.6 , S2.7) = E2. N1 weapon is by definition superior to E2.
  • However, there will be overlapping of stats between higher tier E2 and lower tier N1. The power of max level E2 will be approximately equal to that of Lv10 N1.
  • The purpose of introducing E2 is to split the stats growth from Lv8 to lv12 S2.5 into a more gradual increment: 4 level of S2.5 is split to 8 level S2.7. The success rate of new weapons will be increased as well. Only gold and bound materials will be consume in case of failure while the tradable materials remain intact.
  • New N2 weapons, which is stronger than N1 will be released soon. N1 weapon can be evolved directly into N2 weapon.
  • The growth of N2 weapons will be pretty similar to low level of N1 weapons.
  • N2 weapons will be released soon in the upcoming summer holidays, along with various new contents.
  • N2 + E2 weapon will be combined in the upcoming summer holiday update.
  • Weapon progression will be updated annually.


New Legendard-grade Gems

New legendary grade octa-gems with hybrid stats has been released. The stats and cost of these new gems can be found here.

hybrid octa gem 2 hybrid octa gem1


Quest Rewards Changes

  • The chest from 24-man raid Twilight of Black Isle gives 2 ~ 3 feathers (instead of 1~2), but it requires 2 x Dragon Keys, which can be obtained from other instances such as Sundered Nexus, Shogun’s Lament, Ebondrake Citadel, Desolate Tomb etc. However, the feather reward from the quest itself is removed.

frog chest

  • Gold reward from certain easy quests are removed, while gold reward for higher tier quest are increased
  • Daily challenge reward has been boosted; including TenWon Shards, Heaven Shards etc.

daily challenge new





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