Blade & Soul: The Shattered Masts Guide


shattered masts (sunken pirate ship) guide The Shattered Masts (Sunken Pirate Ship) is a new heroic dungeon which will be released in Blade & Soul CN on 23rd April 2015. The boss skills and stage mechanics are explained in this guide. Videos are recorded and shared by fellow guild mate, Aurys.

In Blade & Soul CN, there are 2 modes of difficulties for The Shattered Masts. Pull the green lever for normal mode or pull the red lever for hard mode. The rewards for hardmore are better, with additional S1 & S2 cyrstals but the bosses have higher HP and deal higher damage. There are no 4-man mode for this dungeon, although you can of course enter the dungeon with 4 man in 6-man mode 😀

mode selection

Stage 1: Corrupted CheongRang & HongRang (Ice & Fire Snake)

The 2 snakes are the corrupted version of CheongRang and HongRang which we have fought in Bloody Shark Harbour.

Normal Mode: 3, 300, 000 HP each
Hard Mode: 7, 150,000 HP each

sunken pirate ship stage 1

Ice Snake Normal Attack:
Tail Smack (can be cc),  Frontal Normal Attack, Spin 3 rounds, Frontal Ice Spray, Circular Ice Burst
* cc = crowd control /  disable

Fire Snake Normal Attack:
Tail Smack (can be cc) , Tail Smack x 2 , Spin 3 rounds,  Flame Thrower, Frontal Normal Attack

Fire & Ice Flower

After depleting every 10% HP for hardmode, or 20% HP for easy mode, the snakes will summon 3 fire flowers and 3 ice flowers.

Both bosses will curl up and summon a shield (last 25sec) which can reflect damage when you attack them; the buff from the flowers render you immune to the reflected damage.

Fire flower  buff = resist  reflect damage from Ice Snake
Ice flower buff = resist  reflect damage from Fire Snake

However, you are only allowed to take up to 3 stacks of the same buff. If you take 4 x fire/ice flower in a row, you will die instantly. Taking the flower buff of opposite color, immediately resets the buff of the other element. Taking the flower of opposite color also reset your aggro.

For example, if you are fighting Ice Snake, you are supposed to take up to 3 x fire buff only. After that, take ice flower buff instead and switch to Fire Snake.

If you leave the fire/ice flower on the field for too long, the bosses will absorb them and heal massive amount of HP.

Special Skills

Asides from the normal skills, both bosses will cast special skills after every 10% HP decrease (20% for easy mode).

Ice Bomb
The ice snake will throw 4 x ice bombs on the main aggro holder, leaving behind ice circle on the ground which deals continuous damage.

Martial Dance
After curling up, the fire snake will cast the 4 x hit martial dance, aiming first at the further member from it and subsequently other nearby members. After that, it will cast 2 x Flame Thrower on the main aggro holder.


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Admin hai,,, do you know about “Sun God Staff”
for unlock next level “Awakened Heroic Moonwater Staff”.


er.. not sure what you are talking about…


Should also be noted that, taking the flower of the opposite color resets your aggro.


thanks for the tips 😀


Corrupted Water (Mode 2),
“… …you cannot heal with potion under this buff but you can use HP healing skills to recover HP”,
which buff is this? i mean the icon color ?
how long this buff effect?

any “Dark Forest” guide?



er, not sure about the buff icon…but everytime you see your HP increase beyond normal, the cannot-heal debuff is applied, as long as you got the HP buff

ok, i will try to write a brief guide when i am free


Hye admin…when will BNS CN gets the class boost patch?


23rd April, along with the new dungeons..