Blade & Soul: Shadow Destroyer PVE Guide


Gear Selection


There have been a lot of debates in Chinese forum over whether S2.7 or S2.8 is better.  In my opinion, it is pointless to argue over weapons which will be replaced in the next few months by a new series of code-named N2 weapon (likely drop from final boss of the new 24-man raid Vortex Temple)

I will not go into the detailed weapon analysis. My recommendation would be, if you are a new player, just work towards S2.7 from your S1 weapon. If you already own a Lv12 S2.5 weapon, just continue down the default path of Lv8 S2.8. As simple as that.

The ultimate weapon for now is no doubt Lv15 S2.8; however, S2.7 can be level up at a cheaper price although it involves more farming of materials.


Soul of Pain is recommend for the constant Focus regeneration over time.


While other parts of accessories offer little choices (just go with the element of your build), bracelet effect varies significantly, depending on your choice. Example stats:

Brahma Bracelet Level 8
Wrath deals additional damage equal to 435% attack

Brahma Bracelet
Brahma Bracelet

Yama Bracelet Level 8
Apply Yama buff for 6 sec when Might Cleave hits.
Apply Yama buff for 2 sec when Galeforce hits.
With Yama buff, Cleave/Eradicate deals additional damage of 220%.

Yama bracelet
Yama Bracelet

Which one these 2 are better for Shadow Destroyer? Let’s go through some simple calculation (you can just skip to the conclusion)

Coverage Ratio

Coverage Ratio is simply defined as the percentage active time for the effect.

Let’s take a cycle of 45 sec since that is the CD of Fury. For Brahma Bracelet, within 45 sec, you can cast up to 6 sec (Fury) + 3 x 2 sec (Typhoon) + 3 sec (Execute refresh) = 15 sec worth of Wrath.

Brahma bracelet coverage ratio  = 15 / 45 =  33%

The coverage time is potentially higher when you have the Soul Badge #1 which allows you to cast Wrath after Stone Shield (not recommended as you will lose 1 Stun skill).

For Yama Bracelet, if your crit rate is > 50%, you should be able to trigger it with Galeforce once every 6~8 sec.

Yama bracelet coverage ratio  = 2 / (6 ~ 8)  =  25 ~ 33%

The coverage ratio is potentially higher when you have the Mystic Badge #2 which can reset the CD of Galeforce.

Conclusion: The coverage ratio for both bracelet are not significantly different. The coverage ratio for both bracelet can be boosted with the correct combination of Mystic/Soul Badge.

Damage boost

Assume both bracelets are level 8.

Brahma Bracelet boost the damage of Wrath when it is activated.

Brahma boosted Wrath damage = 550% + 435% = 985% per hit.

Yama Bracelet boost the damage of Eradicate/Repulse when it is activated.

Yama boosted Eradicate damage = 450% + 220% = 670% per hit
Yama boosted Repulse damage = 675% + 220% = 895% per hit
Average = 782.5% per hit

Now it might seems like Eradicate/Repulse does lower damage, but then again, this calculation has not taken into account the damage boost from weapon, and bopae. If you include the RB damage boost from bopae (>20%) and weapon (>20%), the average damage per hit easily goes over 1000% per hit. The damage boost from bracelet is affected by crit damage, elemental stats and damage bonus from bopae.

Conclusion: The choice is highly dependent on your gear. Yama bracelet offers higher overall damage, in combination with the standard S2.8 + furnace bopae. Brahma bracelet potentially generates high burst damage, if you have the legendary Mystic Badge L2 (yet to be released here, but the coverage ratio is pretty low).

Based on this analysis, i  recommend equipping Yama Bracelet, which is typically cheaper as well.

To be fair, if you prefer to use Brahma Bracelet, it is pretty good choice as well. Take note that unlike Eradicate, Wrath does not consume any Focus. Therefore, it can be used even when you are low on Focus, after casting Typhoon, Fury or Execute.


Soul Badge

The best Soul Badge for Shadow Destroyer is Soul Badge #5 (清月), which is not released in BnS CN yet. The effect is simple:

#5: Willpower is applied when Fury (E) is cast.

This gives you an alternative way to apply/refresh Willpower buff aside from Typhoon.  The other Soul Badges do not contribute much to Shadow Destroyer.


Mystic Badge

The best non-legendary grade Mystic Badge for Shadow Destroyer is Mystic Badge #2 (破天). The effect is:

mystic badge
Mystic Badge #2

#2: When you are under Willpower buff, Galeforce (F) CD is reset when Eradicate (RB) hits and Galeforce deals additional 350% damage.

This basically means Galeforce CD = 0; the triggering is only limited by the critical hit of RB.

The 350% additional damage is affected by elemental damage, crit damage and damage boost from bopae! 

Unfortunately, the legendary grade Mystic Badge L2 (yet to be released in BnS CN) does not inherit this effect. The effect is:

L2: Trigger Head Wind when the last hit of Execute (X) lands.
Head Wind deals 4000% shadow damage over 2.5 sec
Wrath (LB) deals additional 700% shadow damage on hit when Head Wind is active.

The legendary Mystic Badge grants a high burst damage to Execute (even when you cast it only once) and allows Wrath to deal some decent damage over the next 2.5 sec.

The trigger condition for Shadow elemental Wrath is slightly more flexible than the earth elemental one. Aside from Typhoon and Fury, it can also be triggered when Execute last hit refreshes the duration of Willpower. (more details on that later in the Hybrid build).

Hybrid build to be updated 😀


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Hey seems like the BNSTREE website has been revamped, thus unable to access the weblink anymore. Would you mind updating both the earth and shadow build skill tree again? Thank you for your great work!


So this build isn’t really viable on NA because of gear is it?


As a new player not familiar with this gear, do you have a link on how to get them?


Does Mystic Badge of other class “does not benefit from elemental attack stats” too?
I have just bought Destroyer Mystic Badge #2 (破天) today and have a bit disappointed, I hope it is a bug 🙂


Thanks! I will wait for your information


Hi Chao-san! I have a question, what do you think about Soul of Destruction (The Black one)?
As you know, I have the Mystic Badge #2 (破天), because of that Focus regeneration is not the problem anymore.
And I watch on Huya, all dark destroyer use SoD. Should I use it too?


Wow! It’s awesome. I have just read news on main website and now I come here to check it then I see your comment. Really Priciated, Thank you so much Chao-san! >3<


why does everywhere are showed all skills of each Class, or skills with Mystic Badge, but no one show´s of Blademaster ? Does BM don´t get any new skill ? just his 4 change to Fire ? THATS ALL ???


BM will ALWAYS Sucks, esepcially in pvp ” 3 vs 3 / 6 vs 6 ” every fvcking class fist them, every fvcking class has over 3 skills for untouchable / no getting DMG, LBM got all damn nice skill from BM had years before, he sucks so hardcore now and he dont has a Mystic Badge skill like every other class has with Spamming F or RB


A BM just won the most recent Korean tournament. The only BMs that suck are people who suck with bm.


3 years ago yes he was good, but now he got FVCKED by a FM 3:0 and got FVCKED by Soulfighter 3:0 in the tournament !!!