Blade & Soul: Kung Fu Master Guide by Aurys

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kung fu master The Kung Fu Master guide is written by Aurys of Freedom Blade & Soul Guild. The guide is divided into 2 sections, consisting 2 different builds, namely Pure Fire build, and AoE build.

Table of Content

1. Kung Fu Master Pure Fire Build
 Disabling “CC” Skills
Other Essential skills
Pressure Point

2. Kung Fu Master AoE Build

3. Kung Fu Master World Boss Guide

Kung Fu Master PVE Guide – Pure Fire build

Hi, I’m back with and update for my Kung Fu master guide. As you may have already known, the Kung Fu master class is a more difficult to master in Blade and Soul. The thing that makes it difficult is the usage of skills that have activation requirements and also skills that overlaps in the same hotkey. “Searing Palm(X)” is one example of a skill with an activation requirement. Kung Fu masters are also considered to be tankers as they have several skills helping them to stack and hold aggro.

However in the recent 3.0 skill patch and subsequent skill updates, Kung Fu masters are no longer just tankers as they also given “Fighting Spirit” which also made them buffers. The level of difficulty to play the Kung Fu master have increased as Searing Palm(X) itself is a troublesome skill to use and in addition to that, they have to remember to buff and even be tankers most of the time. Time, patience and practice is needed to really utilize this class even if it is just to play casually. Also a decent ping. 😀

In this guide, I will share on three skill builds that I use. They are called the “Pure Fire Build”, the “AoE Build” and another for Mushin Tower. The Pure Fire build, also known as the “Infinite Pressure Point Build” in Blade and Soul CN allows the Kung Fu master to tank, buff and stack Searing Palm(X) more reliably when facing dungeon bosses, world bosses and in 24 main raids where as the AoE build helps the Kung Fu master to fare better against groups of enemies. The build for Mushin Tower is only for certain bosses as the two mentioned build could be used on some of the bosses.

To start off, below is the Pure Fire build that I am currently using at level 50, Hongmoon level 10 with the total of 54 skill points.

*I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screen shot above V and Z.
Counter Tier 5 Stage 4
Counter is an important skill for a Kung Fu master to ensure survivability as well as assuming the role of a tank. It lets the Kung Fu master increase or stack up aggro/threat and ensures survivability by resisting damaged for 1 second, recovering 3 focus points and healing 2% of total health for 5 seconds after a successful counter. It is advisable to time your counters as it only has a counter duration of 1sec and you may get hit after the 1sec counter duration is up as some bosses’ skills have slow animation and casting time which makes them unpredictable. This is also due to counter having the cooldown of 1.3s which leaves u vulnerable to attacks for that 0.3seconds. 0.3seconds doesn’t seem much but trust me you’ll get hit more often if u don’t time your counters and instead just spamming it. Counter also serves as an activation skill for other skills like advancing fist(RB) and iron mountain(F).

DPS Combo

The main dps combo is the Tiger Strike(2), Straight Jab(LB) and the occasional Searing Blow(F) when either Tiger Strike(2), Straight Jab(LB) scores a critical hit. This combo can further be improved by adding Smite(F) that will be available on hit with Searing Blow(F).

0combo 1
Straight Jab(LB) Tier 5 Stage 1
Due to recent skill changes, the bleed effect is removed. In addition to the newly added critical attributes, there is still no change at level 5 therefore skill points allocation is still the same for Straight Jab. Cyclone Kick(F) and Searing Blow(F) available on critical hit.

Tiger Strike(2) Tier 5, Stage 4
Requires 3 focus points to cast. Good when combo-ed off with Searing Blow(F) as it would recover 5 focus points thus making Tiger Strike consecutive hits sustainable. Tiger Strike does additional damage to gripped targets or if they are in an abnormal stated. Recovers 10% of damaged dealt to health. Searing Blow(F) available on critical hit. Hellfire Kick(4) available on hit.

Searing Blow(F) Tier 3, Stage 3
Recovers 3 focus on hit and is essential to have if the Kung Fu master’s main combo includes Tiger Strike(2). It reduce cooldown of Searing Palm(X) by 5 seconds on hit. This allows an almost infinite “Pressure Point/Searing Palm” debuff on the boss.

Smite(F) Tier 3, Stage 4
This new form of Smite works well on any target as it have damage and also allows the Kung Fu master to stack an Unleashed Flow on the target upon a hit. It is also reliable in Mushin Tower as it no longer have the “knock-up” effect. With this new form of Smite, it is a main stay skill as Kung Fu masters no longer have to reallocate skill points to remove the knock-up effect as from before the 3.0 skill patch.

Alternate DPS combos

This is a damaged focused combo of Tiger Strike(2), Searing Blow(F) and Smite (F) for stunned, dazed, choked or force gripped targets. Recommended to use Tiger Strike(2) more in said combo especially on targets choked/force gripped by Destroyers and Blade Dancers to focus on dealing more damage. Targets choked or force gripped gives 2 focus on hit which allows more Tiger Strike(2) consecutive use. Searing Blow(F) is to help faster cooldown of Searing Palm(X) and also allows Smite(F) to be casted for more damage output.

Alt Combo 1

The combo of Straight Jab(LB), Ankle Kick(3), Searing Blow(F) and Smite(F) below is focused on the cooldown of Searing Palm(X) as well as dealing some damage from Shin Kick(3) and Smite(F). Straight Jab(LB) is added for the main purpose of animation cancel of the long casting Searing kick(F) to allow more Ankle Kick(3) to be used so as to increase overall damage output while also decreases cooldown of Searing Palm(X).

0combo 3

Shin Kick(3) Tier 3, Stage 2
Shin Kick shares the same hotkey as low sweep(3). It is available for use on stunned, weakened, gripped or force choked target and is also most commonly used to stack Pressure Point(X). Cyclone Kick and Searing Blow(F) also becomes available on hit making its place in the alternate dps combo mentioned above. If possible, do not keep spamming or mashing F in the combo above as you may cast low sweep which may not be available for use in a critical situation.

Other high damage skills:

Iron Shoulder(F) Tier 4, Stage 2
Spending at least 2 skill points here is recommended. Despite losing its knock-back and weaken effect, Iron mountain deals high damage comparable Smite(F) and have a very low cooldown. Not having its weaken effect is also advisable as iron mountain shares hotkey F with numerous other skills and the Kung Fu master may cast iron mountain with its weaken effect by accident, thus disrupting party-mates disabling skill sequence. Hellfire kick available on hit and refunds consumed focus at Tier 4.

HellFire Kick(4)
Another skill with high damage output which helps to improve overall dps. Its cooldown is decrease from the previous 24 seconds to 9 seconds! This also means that you have a very reliable way of stacking Unleashed Flow stage every 9 seconds as you could also combo it off from Tiger Strike(2) or Leading Palm(X). No skill point spent here.

Comet Strike(4) Tier 4, Stage 1
This form of Comet Strike act as a utility skill to help in stacking Unleashed Flow of Searing Palm. Kung Fu masters could cast it normally or use it instantly upon a successful counter. It also deals a massive amount of damage. I opted to leave it at Tier 4 due to lack of skill points to get it to Tier 5 for the damage increase.


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Is the guide still OK in 2017 for EU server?



Was wondering to.
I’m lvl 32 and it seems viable so far, didn’t have any problems with the bosses or any other mob for that reason.


How does the R2RF ani-cancel compare to the main combo? I’ve been seeing a lot of videos where they just do R2RF instead of the Searing Palm combo.


What about the 3rf combo? Is it useful?


At first I thought your guide was old, then I realized NA is behind lol. Now I’m using it. It’s really great, thank you for making it. I am from SA so I get from 200-230 ping. Horrible for KFM yes, I know. >.< I party with my best friend who is a Destroyer (aka the dps of the party) and because of this and the high ping I decided to make tremor pull enemies together for him to Q and do damage, and also Straight Jab with Lifesteal and evasion for sustain. Is this too bad? How does the crit/bonus crit buff stack in move 1 of SJ work? I usually stack it to 2 and then resets because of a critical. I'm also 45 Hm1 and have bloodshade blue soulshield and feel my damage is somewhat low (my alt is a force master) is this normal? I hit 300-400 with basic attacks and 550 with crit. Thanks 🙂


can you repost the kfm build for NA/EU again


Are you doing an update for EU/NA server?
Would be great! Getting hongmon lvls soon 🙂


Hey, so far at lvl 30 this is working really well. However where is the Smite T3 S4. Smite now only seems to have 3 columns


hey, so it looks like this is B&S 2.0 soo some of it will not be available


Afaik we are getting the december patch from Korea the 10th, they said on the livestream. This is the 3.0 no?


NA/EU are behind by a few skill updates 😀 though it is 3.0


Where can i find the old build u just changed? I mean for NA players is not the same as far as i know.
I have been trying this one but with no hongmoon secrect arts and some others is hard to play


im about to hit lvl 42 and what do you mean by hongmen lvl :P? haha i feel like im ignoring lots of things.. right now im using a mix of this build with some others i remember from the past build and its working good i would say but if u have spare time to help me out and do the guide w/o hongmoon arts it would be soo nice 🙂 . Thank you for the guides and also thanks for taking the time to reply the comments , thats priceless


I really like your guide! You did an awesome job! I also hope you will post an update with the EU release. If I can somehow contact you I would donate you some for the great work and effort mate


Thank you for your support. I’m sure Aurys is happy to hear that. He is working on the update now. Will likely release it by the end of this month 😀


Thanks for the guide. But is it possible to update it since i think its abit changed now that the EU version is out. I can´t seem to find the same abilities and their upgrade paths.
Thank you


Aurys is working on it. … will be updated at the end of this month 😀


Thanks for letting us know! And if you get the chance please thank Aurys for his/her work and tell him/her that we do appreciate the effort. He/She made me advance from a total noob to a maybe avarage player just by reading this. Basiclly within the hour. Like i said previously some parts are missing because of the changes and i cant wait for the new one! 😀 Thank you


How much ping do you have? Thank you for the guide.


is there some assasin pve/boss guide? would be rly nice


Can you post a guide for BM


My guild mate is writing it now. Will post when it is done


can you teach me how to fly MOON LORD


guide for kun forcemaster