Blade & Soul KR Update 20th July: Vortex Temple & Secret Hall of Ebondrake


New Legendary Mystic Badge

Unlike the previous Mystic Badge, these new legendary grade Mystic Badge not only grant additional skill effect, it also features new skill visual effects.  2 variants are available (i simply call them L1 and L2):

All the Mystic Badge skills pierce Guard and Parry. 

Blade Master
L1: Trigger Thunder Dragon Circle for 3 sec after casting Lunar Slash (TAB) Tier 3 Stage 3.
Thunder Dragon Circle deals 2100% thunder damage over 3 sec.
Recover 2 Focus and grant Lightning Dragon for 3 sec each time Thunder Dragon  Circle hits.
Reset the CD of Raid (2) when Thunder Dragon Circle lands all 3 hits.

L2:  Trigger a buff for 2 sec after casting Lunar Slash (TAB) Tier 3 Stage 1.
Under the buff, Scorching Slash is triggered when Dragontongue (RB) is cast.
Scorching Slash deals 450% fire damage to enemies within the AoE.


Kungfu Master
L1: Trigger Divine Dragon effect for 3 sec after casting Searing Palm (X).
Divine Dragon effect allows you to cast Cyclone Kick (F) and allows you to cast it continuously when it hits.
With Divine Dragon effect, each Cyclone Kick deals additional 700% wind damage.

L2: Trigger Meteor Impact after casting Tremor (V).
Meteor Impact deals 5000% fire damage over 10sec.
When Tiger Strike hit a target within the AoE of Meteor Impact, deal additional 400% fire damage.


Force Master
L1: Explosion Blast is triggered automatically after casting Shadow Grasp (4) Stage 4.
Explosion Blast deals 8500% fire damage in 5 sec.

L2: Chi Blast is triggered automatically after casting Shadow Grasp (4) Stage 3.
Chi Chi deals 5250% ice damage.


L1: The duration of Fury (E) is increased by 2 sec.
Fury Burst is triggered when Fury is cast.
Fury Burst deals 4200% earth damage over 1.5 sec.
Wrath (LB) reduces Might Cleave (F) CD by 6 sec on hit when you are under Fury.

L2: Trigger Head Wind when the last hit of Execute (X) lands.
Head Wind deals 4000% shadow damage over 2.5 sec
Wrath (LB) deals additional 700% shadow damage on hit when Head Wind is active.


L1: Trigger a buff for 10 sec after casting Poison Breath, Choke Bomb, Plaguemist (4).
Under the buff, trigger Dark Spike after casting Heart Stab (RB) in Disruption Stance.
Dark Spike deals 450% shadow damage.
Dark Strike (F) can be activated when Dark Spike is triggered and recover 2 Focus. (Trigger CD 0.5 sec)

L2: Trigger a buff for 10 sec after casting Time Bomb (2).
Under the buff, trigger Lightning Spike after casting Heart Stab (RB) in Stealth stance.
Lightning Spike deals 450% lightning damage.
When Lightning Spike is triggered,  go into Stealth for 6 sec and Lightning Rend (4) CD is reduced by 6 sec. (Trigger CD 0.5 sec)


L1: Wind Flower buff is triggered after casting Petal Storm (3).
Under the buff,  Vine (2) to deal additional 3000% wind damage over 5 sec.

L2: Maple Leaf effect is triggered for 3 sec after Briar Patch (4) hits.
Maple Leaf enables Throne Strike (2) to be cast once every 1 sec and deals additional 800% earth damage.


Blade Dancer
L1: Trigger Gale after casting Five Point Strike or Sky Slash (X) .
Gale deals 4000% wind damage over 6 sec.
Generate 3 Wind Focus every time Gale hits.

L2: Trigger Chain Lightning after casting Thunder Slash (X).
Chain Lightning can hit up to 5 targets with 800% lightning damage. Gain Lightning Surge for 6 sec after triggering Chain Lightning.


L1: Time Reversal is triggered when Time Distortion (TAB) is cast.
The skill CD’s of all party members are reduced by 10 sec within the AoE.

L2: Black Wing is triggered when Soulburn (TAB) is cast.
Black Wing grants additional damage of 500%  per hit to all party members. Black Wing also increases 25% crit damage.


Soul Fighter
L1: Vortex is triggered after casting Frost Storm (V).
Vortex can hit up to 5 targets continuously. Each hit deals 500% ice damage.
The last hit bestows a buff to the caster, which grants additional 100% ice damage to Right Punch (RB)

L2: Mountain King is triggered after casting Kingfist (V).
Mountain King deals 2500% earth damage to enemies within the AoE.
The last hit bestows a buff to the caster, which grants additional 500% earth damage to Cobalt Punch (RB).


New Legendary Bopae

New legendary bopae for each classes are introduced.

5 parts effect for all classes: Attack +15, Crit dmg + 20%

Blade Master
3 parts: Horned Slash, Dragontongue (RB) damage + 10%, Breeze (LB) damage + 25%
8 parts: Lunar Slash (TAB) damage + 250%, CD – 15%

Kungfu Master
3 parts: Grapple/Ice Guard/Fighting Spirit/Focused Fighting Spirit CD – 30%, Tremor CD – 20%
8 parts: Swift Strike, Tiger Strike (2) damage + 35%; Cyclone Kick, Searing Blow (F) damage +65%

3 parts: Cleave/Might Cleave (RB) damage +40%; Eradicate (RB), Galeforce (F) damage + 80%
8 parts: Fury/Persistence (E) CD – 20%; Smash, Execute (X) CD damage + 100%

Force Master
3 parts: Dragonchar, Blazing Beam, Ice Rain (2) damage +35%
8 parts: Phantom Grip, Shadow Grasp (4) CD -50%; Snowball, Inferno (X) damage + 165%

3 parts: Dark Strike, Lightning Pierce (F) damage + 30%; Lightning Rend (4) damage + 35%
8 parts: Heart Stab (RB) damage + 30%; Time Bomb (2), Poison Breath,  Choke Bomb etc (4) CD – 15%;

3 parts: Briar Patch (4) damage +100%; Petal Storm (3) damage +50%, CD -20%
8 parts: Thorn Strike/Vine (2) damage + 120%; Grasping Roots, Straggling Roots, Weed Whack (1) damage +120%

Blade Dancer
3 parts: Breeze (LB), Sunder (RB) damage +30%; Breeze, Sunder consume 1 less Focus
8 parts: Five Point Strike, Sky Slash, Thunder Slash (X) damage +200%, CD -50%

3 parts: Summon (TAB) CD -30%; Obliterate, Soulburn, Time Distortion (TAB) CD – 30%; Obliterate damage + 1000%
8 parts: Dragoncall, Dragon Helix (4) damage +20%, CD -30%

Soul Fighter
3 parts: Stance Shift (TAB) CD – 80%; Kingfist, Frost Storm (V) damage +70%
8 parts:  Dragon Fist (F) damage +70%;  Cobalt Punch, Right Punch (RB) damage +15%


Bopae Enhancement System

The stats of the current bopae can be enhanced with bopae of similar type.




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For example in KFM tiger strike 400% fire damage… When you say 400% Elemental Damage. how do you compute the total damage output supposing your Elemental damage in your stat is 100%(base damage) is it x4? of the original damage? correct me if im wrong thanks


so its good for the WL or bad ?


I want a Two Swords class >.>


it’s blade dancer- can’t block, easy to die, deals tons of damage- it’s dual sword class in a nutshell


I spoke with two swords, different from the comics I’ve seen in a loading screen in Korea : totally badass ->comment image
Just a idea based on that, i know it’s a artwork but many class are in the loading screen currently.


different from Blade Dancer,*


that warlock buff <3