Blade & Soul KR Update: New Skills & Major Skill Update for All Classes

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Kungfu Master

Thousand Palm (new): can be used on target with Restraint status

Guiding Fist (RB)
– Tier 1 Stage 1: CD is changed to 9 sec
– Tier 1 Stage 1: Threat 150% duration is changed from 10 sec to 15 sec

Triple Kick (RB): new skill at Stage 4

Avenging Fist (RB): new Stage 4 skill path

Iron Shoulder (F)
– Stage 2, Stage 4: increase damage
– Stage 2:  Cyclone Kick, Searing Blow (F) can be used when casting Iron Shoulder.

Cyclone Kick (F)
– Tier 1 Stage 1: remove CD
– Tier 2 Stage 1: remove effect of “generate 9 focus over 3 sec upon critical hit”
– Tier 2 Stage 1: increase damage
– Tier 3 Stage 1: HP leech is changed from 20% to 5% of damage

Smite (F): increase damage of Stage 4

Counter (1)
– Stage 4:  The duration of 150% Thread increase is changed from 15 sec to 30 sec

Swift Strike (2)
– Tier 5 Stage 1/2: Cyclone Kick, Searing Blow (F) can be used on hit.

Hellfire Kick (4)
– skill effect is moved to a new skill tree Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse Kick
– Tier 1 Stage 1: Hellfire Kick can be used.

Leading Palm (X)
–  Stage 1: new skill Mountain Split.

Searing Palm (X)
– Stage 1: changed to Fire elemental
– Tier 3 Stage 2: effect is changed to Tier 3 Stage 3
– Tier 3 Stage 2: new skill effect
– Tier 3  Stage 1/2: Other skills can be chained quickly with Unleashed Flow Stage 3 & above.

Awakened Searing Palm (X)
– the elemental is the same as that of Searing Palm
– increase casting speed
– other skills can be chained quickly to it
– reduce damage

Flurry (C)
– Stage 1: damage & status resist duration is changed from 0.8 sec to 1 sec.



Impale (new): can be used on target with Restraint status.

Grab (F)
– Tier 5 Stage 2: new skill “Frontal Strike” added.
– Tier 2 Stage 2/Stage 3: Restraint status is applied on target.
– Tier 2 Stage 2/Stage 3: CD is changed to 30 sec

Typhoon (Q)
– Base, Tier 1 Stage 1: The effect of “Stack up to 5 Willpower on hit” is removed; the effect of “Focus become 200 when Willpower is applied” is added
– Base, Tier 1 Stage 1: Willpower duration is changed to 15 sec
– Tier 3 Stage 2: unable to apply Stun combo with the 5th hit.

Wrath (LB)
– Tier 2 Stage 2: the trigger condition of “When Willpower is stacked to up 5, it can be used for 4 sec” is changed to “It can be used for 3 sec when Willpower is applied”.
– Tier 2 Stage 2: the effect of “Max speed on hitting Grabbed, Phantom Gripped target” is removed.
– Tier 2 Stage 2: the effect of “Cast speed accelerates on consecutive use” is removed
– Tier 2 Stage 2: casting speed is increased

Cleave (RB)
– Tier 4 Stage 3: the effect is changed to Tier 3 Stage 3
– Tier 4 Stage 3: new skill path effect is added
– Tier 4 Stage 4: the effect is changed to Tier 3 Stage 4
– Tier 4 Stage 4: Galeforce (F) skill path is added

Eradicate (RB)
– Tier 2 Stage 4: casting speed is increased

Galeforce (F)
– Tier 4 Stage 4: casting speed is increased

Body Kick (Z)
– Tier 3 Stage 2: the effect of “Taunt stunned, dazed enemy for 3 sec” is changed to “Taunt enemy for 3 sec on hit”.

Execute (X)
– Tier 2 Stage 3: CD is changed to 30 sec
– Tier 2 Stage 3: CD cannot be reset.


Force Master

Divine Realm (new): can be used on target with Restraint status.

Divine Veil (C), Frost Prison (V), Frost Armor (TAB), Second Wind (TAB): Other skills can be chained quickly to these skills

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The FM is allways nerved or dont get any improvements like the other chars. As a FM you dont have a chance to be on top in the Tower. Why you guys dont change that? You can see the ranking in Mushin’s Tower. Makes no sence for me…thought FM is a DD…cant see that anymore. At the moment the FM is absolutly useless.


about time summs get nerfed. brain dead trigger happy lyns.
All is left is fms.


wow they made summoner garbage


That big nerf on summoner.. Wish i could change the class.

Blademaster is Shit

Blademaster bleibt ja genauso BESCHISSEN wie vorher im PVP das einzige was an der drecks Klasse geändert wird ist sein PVE verhalten, wie kann NCFail nur so behindert sein und diese klasse immer noch so scheiße lassen mit 1 escape skill während andere 3-4 haben hahahahah drecks klasse bleibt und wird immer scheiße bleiben, aber gib Assassin einen 300% DMG buff sowas brüchte Blademaster ja garnicht kann ja seine Skills alle 60 sec machen im vergleich zum assa oder anderen kmlassen jede sekunde

Ist er nicht ;)

Na klar^^ Und weil die Klasse ja sooo “beschissen” ist, ist sie gerade in der aktuellen Season (Tournament) in Korea Platz 1 geworden letzte Woche. 🙂 Und jetzt kommts: Der Gegner war Assa und hat jämmerlich verloren. PS: Jede Klasse hat nur 1 Escapeskill. Und als BM hast sogar noch einen zusätzlichen Escape (wenn du ihn denn skillst) um aus Grabs oder dergleichen zu kommen, nicht so wie andere Klassen. VIelleicht übst du einfach noch ein wenig, statt hier zu ragen wie so ein “Hatekiddie”, der keine Ahnung hat.


Yo chaose5, do you know where NcWest will set up this patch for EU and NA ? 🙂


I want this as futur class *-*
comment image


Hey, do these changes go live tomorrow?


Thanks for responding. I also wanted to know if you knew where I could find a demo of the new skills added to assassin.


I see that have a lot to translate, will continue translating and bringing news?

what I’ve seen looks Summoner very badly or is just my impression?


– Tier 3 Stage 1: cannot apply Stun combo

Stage 1 doesnt have any joint CC, stage 2 Does


Imprison (3) *


good changes, do not mind


I don’t see the justification for BDs to have an 18sec cd on their q/e when you look at other classes especially BMs. Thought for sure they’ll keep the reduced cd.


they never undid the changes, its still 12 seconds


oh he must not be done updating changes then since I only see the one change for BD right now.


SF is going to surpass FM on DPS term.


It seems that they are adding new HM skills, looking how they changed Warlock’s Tier 5 on Imprison, which is an HM skill we don’t have yet.


What did i miss that where did u read that? and what is Soul Rush i dont get it.


Soul Rush is the new skill for Grabbed Enemies


Evade (SS)
– Tier 3 Stage 1: Escape from Frost Prison

I think this is supposed to be their escape on 2, not SS.


For summoners
Evade (SS)
– Tier 3 Stage 1: Escape from Frost Prison

are you sure its SS skill? for every other class it’s their respective TAB skill, but for summoners it’s a dash behind?