Blade & Soul KR Update Aug: Soulburn & Awakened Skill Changes


warlock soulburn awaken skill Blade & Soul KR has released new updates on 3rd Aug 2016, with contents including a new 24-man raid (interestingly, this is a 2nd 24-man raid released this year after Vortex Temple). The name of the raid is google-translated as “Bastard’s Refuge” which sounds quite weird ( =.= will change it if anyone can give me a better translation for 서자의 안식처). Further skill changes related to Warlock’s Soulburn and Awakened skills for other classes are released on 17th Aug.

Instance Difficulty Adjustment 

One of the notable changes in this update is the simplification for certain boss mechanics in instances.

Automaton Lab

  • All color buffs on party members are reset when the final boss uses “Fist of Destruction”
  • Blue buff: reduce the damage over time
  • Yellow buff: “inability to heal” effect is changed to “reduced healing” effect
  • Red buff: “instant death after 120 sec” effect is changed to “attack increase” effect
  • Color ball which is used to adjust color buff is removed
  • Lower 1st boss’s HP

Ebondrake Citadel Final Boss

  • Reduce the DOT damage from Demonic buff
  • Reduce the damage of AoE attack after the party invisibility is used
  • Reduce the damage received when Demonic buff expires
  • You don’t die instantly when you are attacked while weakened after Demonic buff expire; only sustain some damage from those attacks.
  • Demonic Prison (AoE suction skill) does not cause party wipe even when you fail to cc the boss; only inflict some damage to party members.


New Legendary Necklace 

A new legendary necklace (wind & shadow elemental) can be obtained from the new 24-man raid.

Lv10 effect: chance to trigger Dark Wind effect, which will inflict Weaken status on the target. Gain additional 500 crit damage when attacking Weaken target.


Skill Changes

Blade Master

Awakened Flicker (LB): deleted

Awakened Honed Slash/Dragontongue (RB): new skill added.

Flicker (LB)
Stage 3: damage conversion to HP is reduced from 6% to 4%.

Dragontongue (RB): add effect – convert 1% damage dealt to HP gain.


Kungfu Master

Awakened Searing Palm (X)
– increase the damage of Tiger Strike (2) and Cyclone Kick (F) at Stage 4.

[Note: the 2 new awakened skills which are seen in the test server are not implemented] 


Force Master

Awakened Dual Dragons (F): skill is deleted

Awakened Dragonchar/Blazing Beam/Ice Rain (2):  skill added

Mythical Line (restraint skill, no official English name)
– changed to F key
– inflict 6 sec Burn status on hit in Fire mode
– increase casting speed



Awakened Wrath (LB)
– damage increase
– when (shadow) Awakened Wrath hits, Galeforce (F) can be use.
– reduce the CD of Galeforce (F) by 2 sec when (shadow) Awakened Wrath hits.

Galeforce (F)
– the trigger condition is changed from “when Repulse (RB) deals crit damage” to “when Repulse hits”.



Awakened Dark Strike/Lightning Pierce (F)
– damage increase
– Focus recovery on crit is increased from 1 to 2



Awakened Rosethorn (LB): skill is deleted

Awakened Rumblebees/Sunfloower (RB): added.

Seed Shroud (4)
– Tier 5 Stage 1: add effect – Awakened Rumblebees (RB) deal additional damage of 550% attack within 3 sec after Counter.
– Tier 5 Stage 1: lower the additional damage for Rumblebees Stage 3 on Counter.

Petal Storm (3)
– Tier 3 Stage 2: Awakened Rumblebees deals additional damage of 550% attack within 3 sec after hit.
– Tier 3 Stage 2: lower the additional damage for Rumblebees Stage 3 after hit.

Rosethorn (LB)
– Tier 4 Stage 1: the effect of “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on crit” is changed to “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on hit”
– Tier 5 Stage 1: the effect of “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on crit” is changed to “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on use”

Rumblebees (RB)
– Stage 3: damage is decreased
– Sunflower, Superfunflower: damage is decreased


Blade Dancer

Sunder (RB)
– damage increase
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP
– Tier 2 Stage 3: the effect of “converting 10% of damage dealt on knockdown, dazed target to HP” is changed to “convert 5% of damage to HP”

Blade Echo (LB)
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP

Awakened Sunder (RB)
– damage increase
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP
– add effect: reduce the CD of Whirling Scourge (Z) by 1.5 sec.

Awakened Blade Echo (RB)
– damage increase
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP
– add effect: reduce the CD of Flaming Scourge (Z) by 1 sec.



Soulburn, Time Distortion (TAB)
– CD is changed to 1.5 min
– buff resist is changed to 1 min

Awakened Rupture: skill is deleted

Awakened Bombardment: new skill added


Awakened Dimensional Volley: new skill added


Soul Fighter

Awakened Iron Shoulder (F): skill is deleted

Awakened Cobalt Punch/Right Punch (F): added

These skill changes, along with the previous one, are applied to BnS CN server on 16th Aug.


New Gonryun Weapon

The new series of weapons, Gonryun (Kun-Lun, code-named N2 in China) are updated in the test server.

Chokma (S2.8 in China) weapon can be evolved directly to the new weapons.

Lv7 Chokma > Lv1 Kun-Lun weapon
Lv8 Chokma > Lv2 Kun-Lun weapon
Lv9 Chokma > Lv3 Kun-Lun weapon

Kun Lun Axe

Note: The evolve path and level very likely differ from BnS CN ; i will not detail on this further. BNS CN is expected to get these N2 weapons in Aug as well. I will be covering the details on these weapons in CN version instead.


New PVP Soul Shield

A new PVP soul shield has been released as well.



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When will the september balance changes translated ?


@chaose5 can you please give more detail on SF Awakening ?

Joe Francis

Yeha Im curious about that too. I know this will affect NA servers.


or maybe the screen shot if you dont mind


Speaking of which, how does wl fare against other classes after this update? I enjoy the class immensely, although I do agree it’s clunky on some aspects and needs work.


am i the only one who find lynblade dancer weak af ?


I thought wl is the weakest probably until this update.


7/9 taiwan update right ?

nerf fm geez, why do they have to be the best class?


Does awakened Cobalt Punch/Right Punch stack 5 inner power immediately? (like awakened iron shoulder did?
if not, what does it do?


Nerf Summoner again? **** DEVS.


I see that there is no new FM awakened skills, but i found on skill “2” (for all the branches)comment image:large


How strong is it? Is it better than dual dragon?


can you translate it ~~


fire boost as dragonchar tier 5 stage 1??


thank you :3 :3 :3


Any Translation for WL new awaken skill ? Bomb and Volley please


No more A. Searing Palm for KFM? The biggest dps loss I’ve ever witnessed.

What would justify such a massive nerf for us, I wonder l0l


BD 10% lifesteal is not on Flicker. It’s on Blade Echo
‘쾌검’ 무공에 피해량의 10% 생명력 흡수 효과를 추가하였습니다.


you need to switch the images of dimensional volley and bombardment, volley is the red one and bombardment is the blue


np famalam