Blade & Soul: Earth Destroyer Guide & Build (Level 50)


destroyer guide

The guide highlights my earth destroyer skill builds for PVE, with tips on clearing end game dungeons and getting loots from world / faction bosses for Blade & Soul level 50 cap. Destroyer is well-known for the choking/lifting supportive ability, to allow others to deal damage easily without worrying about Focus consumption.

Also check out Shadow Destroyer Guide.

Destroyer DPS relies heavily on animation cancel (ani-cancel) combo with Judgment (LB) and Cleave (RB). The combo has strict timing and demands the destroyer to stand still while casting the combo (more details later).  After a major revamp on Mar/Apr 2015 to Wrath (LB), destroyer DPS has been increased tremendously, both in party and solo. Furthermore, after another major revamp to all classes in July 2015, destroyer DPS has increased further with more DPS options.

The total natural SP at level 50 cap is 36 points; extra SP can be gained from leveling your Hongmen level. I am at Hongmoon Lv13 currently, and thus will be presenting the skill build based on 49 SP.  I will present 2 skill setup 1st one for general PVE (dungeon etc) while 2nd one is for world/faction bosses.

  • Will update the guide regularly as i gain higher hongmoon level (check the updated date on the top of the article)

Table of Content


List of Disabling (CC) Effect for Destroyer

• Blitz (1) –  Stage 1
• Ram (2) – Stage 1 & 2
• Stone Shield (V) – Stage 4
• Typhoon (Q) – Stage 2, need to cast 3 times (cannot combo cc)

• Body Kick(Z) –  Stage 1
• Axe Sweep (4)
• Power Slam (Z) – all stages, can only be used after choking or lifting target
• Stone Shield (V) – Tier 5 Stage 4 ; will induce knockdown on targets which requires 2 or more CC.
• Hurl (C) – can only be used after choking target, but the target will be thrown very far away =.=

Daze (Weaken/Groggy)
• Knee (F)
• Power Slam (Z) – Stage 2 path, can only be used after choking or lifting something, but it only affects the enemy around the AOE, not the thrown target
• Gust (TAB) – Stage 3 path, can only be used when you are knockdown, dazed, stunned or unconscious
• Drag (Z) – Stage 3 & 4 path; cannot be combo with other Daze skill (because it will need to pull the target first)
• Blitz (1) – Stage 2 path; cannot be combo with other Daze skill (because it will need to pull the target first)

• Gust (TAB) – Stage 2, can only be used when you are knockdown, dazed, stunned or unconscious
•  Stone Shield (V) – Tier 5 Stage 4; cannot be combo with other knockback skills ( the effect turn to knockdown if the target requires 2 or more CC)
•  Typhoon (Q) – Stage 3; allow you to induce 3 x knockback with just 1 cast of this skill

Unconscious (Paralyze)
• Hurl (C) – after tier 2, can only be used after choking target


List of Resist/Block/Parry Skills

Damage resist or i-frame skills are skills which allows you to resist any skills from your enemies (unless the skill is meant to kill you definitely). When it is used successfully, you would see a “white shadow” following your skill animation when you are about to get hit.

I-frame skills should be distinguished from Parry or Block. This is because many boss skills cannot be blocked or parried, but can be i-framed.  Using the right skill at the right time is critical to ensure your survival. On the other hand, certain boss mechanics requires one to use Block or Parry skills, and NOT i-frame skill.  Knowing the difference between the two is very critical.

•  Searing Strike (C)
•  Fury / Persistence (E)
•  Typhoon (Q) – Stage 2/3
•  Backstep (SS)
•  Gust (TAB) – only can be used when you are under status effect
•  Ram (2) – Stage 1/2
•  Blitz (1) – Stage 3
•  Power Slam (Z) – Stage 1

•  Stone Shield (V)

•  Hurricane (TAB) – Stage 3

Link to Earth Destroyer Build on BNSTREE

Destroyer Skill Build 1 : General PVE

Judgment (LB) Tier 5 Stage 2


Cleave (RB) Tier 5 Stage 3


These 2 skills are the key ingredients for ani-cancel combo.  Normally, the combo requires you to repeated press LB and RB at a certain frequency; if you press RB too fast, the LB animation is cancelled before the Focus regen is applied; if you press RB too slow, the animation is prolonged and RB cannot be chained smoothly into LB. With macro / good ping, one can do up to 2 set (LB>RB = 1 set) in 1 sec. I have set the hotkey of E to RB.

A lazy method of performing ani-cancel is by holding LB (left mouse click) and press E at a fixed frequency, instead of pressing LB and RB alternately. The downside for this method is that, it is slower than the usual method for performing ani-cancel. The upside is, it is very stable in terms of Focus consumption, each set of LB-RB only consume low Focus if you do it properly. I normally rely on the sound of the skills to judge when to press E. I call this the lazy finger method 😀

Of course, during the 6sec Fury time frame, you should just use the normal Wrath Ani-cancel to maximize your DPS instead of the lazy finger method.

After the revamp in Mar/Apr 2015, Judgment offers multiple plausible paths for ani-cancel.

Judgment Stage 1:
– recover 10 Focus every hit; recover additional 5 Focus per enemy hit.
– damage of 130%; slightly lower damage than Stage 2
– recover Focus even when the target block or counter
– AOE: 5m frontal

Judgment Stage 2:
– recover 10 Focus every hit; recovery additional 10 Focus when you deal crit damage
– damage of 150%; higher damage than Stage 1
– AOE: 3m frontal

If your critical rate is high enough, say > 50%, it strongly recommend taking Rank 2 path since you will gain 20% of Focus most of the time. You will deal more damage too, although the AOE is slightly smaller. Both paths have this effect of 100% dealing crit dmg for the next hit if you are attacked while using the skill.

Refer to the Hongmoon secret technique guide to unlock the Tier 5 skills

There are up to 4 different paths for Cleave (RB) after the July 2015 update, each offering different advantages. The one which is preferred in my build is the 3rd stage, known for its HP leech effect. The pros and cons of each branch will be listed here. Take note that all RB induces Bleed status.

Cleave Stage 3:
– 470% earth damage, single target.
– HP leech effect: 10% of damage dealt.
– consumes 30 Focus. However, when you deal critical damage, you gain 10 of Focus back. If you cast it consecutively, the Focus consumption is reduced to 20.
– max speed.
– can learn Might Cleave (F) at Tier 5: triggered when Cleave deals crit dmg. AOE 2x8m. deal 500% instant earth damage, with 1600% continuous damage over 8sec. Recover 120 Focus over 8sec. CD 24sec.
– Stack 1 Bleed status.

After the boost of char HP in July 2015, our HP leech gem is as good as useless.  A typical destroyer at Lv50 has approximately 100k of HP. Cleave typically deals about 10k of crit damage (without any buff), and10% of it = 1k of HP heal = ~1% of HP per hit, which is pretty good. Therefore, Stage 3 path is highly recommend for PVE.

The focus consumption for ani-canceling with Judgment Stage 2 and Cleave Stage 3 depends on how often you deal critical hits:

If you crit 1st set: LB + 20 , RB – 20 = 0
If you crit 2nd set: LB + 20 , RB -10 = +10

If you never crit 1st set: LB + 10, RB – 30 = -20
if you never crit 2nd set: LB + 10, RB -20 = -10

Best Case: you actually + 10 Focus after 2 sets of ani-cancel
Worse Case: you lose 30 Focus after 2 sets.

After several tweaks, Might Cleave is finally a viable skill. The damage is not that much higher than Cleave, especially when the boss is a mobile one. However, it allows you to recover Focus and it has an AOE. 

The bad thing about Mega Cleave is that, its key (F) conflicts with Knee (F), and they are triggered by the same condition: when RB deals critical damage. Therefore, when you want to use Might Cleave, you will need to  press F and release it quickly such that it does not trigger Knee which might Daze the target accidentally.


Eradicate is the new RB skill for Destroyer. It is shadow elemental, unlike the other RB’s which are earth elemental. This is a strong contender to RB Stage 3 as you can use this skill while you are moving. It solves the age-old problem of destroyer being immobile during ani-cancel. It consumes 20 Focus only and even return 10 Focus when you crit. More importantly, it has a 2x4m AOE as compared to the single target of RB stage 3. However, it is only good if you are a shadow destroyer.


Cleave Stage 1:
– deal 370% earth dmg, AOE 2x8m
– deal additional 50% damage to knock down and seized target
– consume 30 Focus
– each successive hit reduces the casting time by 0.3sec
– stack 1 Bleed status.

This is the least useful Cleave path. It does not gain max speed automatically; you will need to cast it consecutively to increase its casting speed. The Focus consumption is horrible, 30 Focus per cast with no way to reduce it. If you want to use RB for mobs, spec Eradicate (Rank 4) instead.

Cleave Stage 2:
– deal 400% earth dmg, single target
– deal additional 150% damage to knock down and seized target
– consume 20 Focus
– max speed
– ignore guard

Cleave stage 2 used to be gold standard for ani-cancel in the past, but not anymore after the major revamp in July 2015. Its usual dmg is lower than Stage 3 or 4. The additional damage on knockdown target is indeed high but it is not activated frequently. It is probably still good for PVP since it ignores guard and the Focus consumption is low, even without crit.


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Hey seems like the BNSTREE website has been revamped, thus unable to access the weblink anymore. Would you mind updating both the earth and shadow build skill tree again? Thank you for your great work!


Can you share your preset on the picture? 😀


ye your preset is awesome 😀 on the picture on the top its amazing i would be happy too!


Hello chaose5, whats the significant difference between KFM and Destroyer in term of PVE at current stage? I saw people saying Des has the lowest PVE damages all around.. and is the role of tanking emphasizes on dungeons? Love the big axe but love tanking as well.. Can’t decide 🙁


Thanks man! I’m gonna stay with my Destroyer since my friend is going to play BM. Who knows in future Des can be a potential tank just like Dragon Nest’s destroyer xD . BIG AXE rocks! Still a big fans of FREEDOMPLAY since DN era 😀 Cheers and good luck!


Awesome guide, thanks for sharing!


1/3/4 scorpion + rest of yeti is better then:
3/5/7 yeti + 2 scorpion + 1/4/6/8 naryu lab ?


This is the guide that i was really looking for, really detailed and really well explained, your effort really dissolved some doubt i had on some skill points, i really thank you 🙂 can i ask you to add in your guide a detailed section about gem socketing (i’m playing in eu server 45 hm5 ), u mentioned that life steal on crit is pretty useless since u heal yourself with cleave, so what you will socket instead the standard “life steal on crit gem”? Thank you in advance for your answer, and thank you again for this wonderful comprehensive guide of the destroyer skillset 😉


Do you have anything in english maybe? 🙂


Thank you very much for the detailed reply 🙂 i really appreciate it 🙂 keep up the good work! 😉


I love you guide explain all the good destroyer skills was wondering if you could do a level 45 or 50 PvP skill guide


I don’t pvp much… so i don’t want to misguide readers on that :p


Hey, first off thanks for the awesome guide.
Could u maybe post a lvl 45 pve skillbuild? for the na/eu servers..myb with hongmoon 5..that would be awesome..
thanks in advance


Ok. I will do that soon 😀 May i know which hongmoon skill has been released in NA/EU so far?


That would be awesome.
Uff no idea..they just announced that on 10.02. hongmoon lvl 5 will be released?! so far we just got lvl 45…maybe u do one for 45 only then?


Here is my suggestion for level 45 pve build:

With the limited SP, only the bare minimum can be learnt.


we have hongmoon lv5 now?
could you maybe post a little update, what to do with the extra points?


thanks man, i really appreciate that.


great* katanczio@gmail. om


can u send me link with that build ( bnstree ) on email ? will be gread


@Chaose5 plis created build in 🙂


link added to the guide as requested 😀


thank you so much 😉


Nice guide. What’s a good way to power level? I am having issues trying to grind boneyard. I am lv 35 and when I try to pull in 2 parts, most of the mobs do like 500 per hit. I am using hurricane for its iframe, but I am unable to avoid getting swarmed.


Er, we don\’t power-level or grind in China since the leveling is quite easy (simply do quest).

Hurricane doesn\’t have iframe (unless you are refering to Typhoon). The damage by Hurricane is very low. You probably can\’t kill all the mobs in a short period by just casting hurricane.

For a high damage AOE combo, i suggest the Typhoon Execute combo:

If the mobs hit hard, you probably need to use Emberstomp Stage 2 to tank it.


On the NA server doing all the quests can’t really get you enough exp. Hurricane has something like iframe. I was told that the 0.5 parry will work if you are good at timing.


There’s more than enough quests to do for exp. I’ve leveled two chars to L45 with both hitting 45 before the story even ended.


There is a huge difference between Parry/Block and Iframe (dmg resist). You will probably realize this soon enough in end-game instances 😀

Block/Parry: refers to skills which pop the word \”Block\” or \”Parry\” when you cast it successful

Iframe (dmg resist): refers to skills which gives you the \’white shadow\’ animation when you cast it successful.

Many boss skills later on cannot be block or parry, while almost all skills (except for those which are not meant to kill you definitely) can be iframe-d when timed corrected.

Hurricane (TAB) does NOT have any iframe no matter which stage you spec for. Stage 3 Hurricane merely offers 0.5sec Parry effect

I will probably add a small section in the guide to explain the difference 😀


thanks for this great guide.. the skill tree is pretty daunting at first.. its pretty nice to have some guidance 🙂
anyways, for the 1st skill, Judgement, is there a reason everyone picks stage 2 over stage 1?.. 10 focus on crit vs 5 focus on every enemy hit… in my eyes 5 focus should win out unless you have more then 50% crit.. and it has bigger aoe too.


yes, indeed, if your crit is < 50%, i recommend taking stage 1 instead. At level 50 cap, it is very common to have a 60% base crit rate, and even higher crit rate with weapon/skill buff. However, i think at lv45 or lower, it would be better to stick to stage 1 😀


Im pretty bad with the normal ani cancel thats why i was asking :p Im messing up the timers and usually ending to RB too fast and LB not giving Chi back 🙁 Thanks for the advice anyway, very kind of you :d


That’s very normal 😀 What you need is a good weapon with good Chi regen to compensate for it…Furthermore, the new soul core of pain gives constant Chi regen (


Wow yeah those items are insane especialy for the Chi regen, but im playing on the West version of the game so i bet we wont see those items for awhile, if we ever get them :p
I will practice my ani cancel more on the next beta (its hard to do, we dont have Mushin Tower so no target dummies so i practice on pigs with a broken low lvl axe). Thanks again for taking the time to answer to me :p


Yea, likely you guys won’t get it any time soon. Actually the Chi regen issue will be less severe once you have sufficient critical rate.

Remember that RB 3rd branch regenerate Chi if you deal crit damage; this means that it only cost 10 Chi to cast most of the time, if your crit rate is high.

Btw, do you know anywhere i can get the full list of official english skill name for destroyer?

I know about bnstree, but the skill names are translated by Diel, and not official.

I plan to update the guide with proper english skill name to avoid unnecessary confusion.


Hmm i dont think there is any site besides bnstree that compile the skill from the West version. And even then many skills and paths are wrong on bnstree.
The only way that comes to my mind would be to download the NA/EU client and collect the informations there. A lot of work to do unless the BnS official site gets love for the release of the game, wich i hope it will :d