Blade & Soul: Damage Calculation Mechanics for Level 50


damage calculation mechanics

Damage calculation mechanics of Blade and Soul, including pierce, defence, crit and crit damage are explained. The effects of level growth on these stats are highlighted. The exact details on the in-game experiments which i have conducted will not be eloborated here, unless it is necessary or in the case where the conclusions contradict with some other findings by other players. This article is also an update of my previous article  on damage calculation mechanics for level 45 cap.

To make it simple, i will only focus on the brief description of my research findings, directly or indirectly answering the following questions:

– If i have xx of critical and pierce, what’s the corresponding % dmg increase of my skills?
– How much Pierce % would i need at lvl50 cap?
– All my stats % drop when i level up. WT*** I am getting weaker as i level up ??!!!

I hope the understanding in the damage calculation mechanics would help players to make better decision in gear selection and skill building.

It is recommended, although not necessary, for readers to go through my previous article on skill board damage calculation to have a better understanding of the topics presented in this article.

Damage Calculation Mechanics:  Skill Board Damage Calculation

**** UPDATE:  Take note that there are many changes to damage calculation mechanics after the elemental update and 3.0 patch.  The main concepts highlighted in the article generally still apply, but the equations have been modified. Refer to my latest articles for the new equations.


The skill board damage shown in the skill description is indeed the damage inflicted to a target if the target defence is 0.

However, in most cases, the target has a finite defence value, which translates to a lower damage inflicted. The formula is simply:

Non-crit damage = Attack stats * Skill Amp % * Elemental Atk % *  ( 100% – defence %) + Add Damage

assuming you have 0 pierce, and do not deal crit damage.

** Diel has listed the skill amp for each skill in his skill simulator.

As an example, say your skill board damage is 251~298, and the target defence is 25%, your actual non-crit damage would be

Non-crit damage = 251 ~ 298 * (1 – 0.25 ) = 188~223

The defence number shown in the stats, is automatically translated to a certain damage reduction %.

Take note that the “Add Damage” stats is not affected by the defence of the target (reference). Also, the formula listed in this article all assume that the skill only deals 1 hit to the target. In actual fact, the Add Damage is applied to EACH hit. For example, Tempest deal 3 hits (according to damage log; 5 numbers pop up in battle since one of the hit is split-displayed as smaller numbers), so the total damage from 1 cast of Tempest contain “3 x  Add Damage”.

The relationship between the defence number/value and the dmg reduction % for level 45 & level 50 is given by the curve below:

Defence Stats Curve 2

The above curve is only true when the attacker and the target are at the same level, i.e. a level 45 character attacking another level 45 targer (green) or level 50 character attacking another level 50 target (red).

When target is at a different level from the target, the damage calculation is still not well studied due to limited data. However, from my experiment so far, i can conclude that, when a higher level target attack a lower level target, the defence of the target is less efficiency in damage reduction.

For example, when i tested the defence of the bosses in level 5,6 and 7 of mushin tower when i was at level 45, i got the following:
Lv5 golem – 20% def
Lv6 big 4 bosses -25% def
Lv7 samurai – 10% def
(these bosses are level 45)

However, when i am at lvl50, i re-measure the defence of the target, i realize that all these bosses defence is merely 1%~5% even when my pierce = 0%.  This means that the bosses in Mushin Tower lv5-7 defence is less efficient when the attacker (me) is at a higher level than them. Furthermore, it can then be inferred that, when you are at a lower level, bosses of higher level would hit you harder as well as your dmg reduction would be less efficiency against a higher level attacker.

I will not bore the reader with the equations, but leave them a the appendix of this article for those who are interested.


Pierce reduces the defence % of the target, and increases the damage you deal. It is calculated as follows:

Non-crit damage = Attack stats * Skill Amp % * Elemental Atk %* [100% – (defence %-pierce%) ] + Add Damage

Here, take note that you will first need to subtract pierce % from defence % before minusing 100% with the outcome.

One of the key condition of pierce calculation is

This means that, pierce % cannot increase the dmg beyond the original skill board damage. At its maximum effect, it will only nullify the defence of the target, making the defence = 0%.

For example, if the target defence = 10%, and your pierce is 15%,

(defence % – pierce %) = 10% – 15% = -5% =adjust to> 0%

-5% will be adjusted to 0% due to the nature of pierce mechanics. In other words, the extra 5% of pierce is WASTED.

The curve of pierce % – pierce value for level 45 & level 50 player are given below:

Pierce Stats

At level 45 cap, the benchmark for pierce is 10% because major bosses such as Lanlan, Samurai, Mushin, and Grandpa has 10% defence only.  What about level 50 cap?

I have measured the defence of the bosses in the current big 3 dungeons (yeti cave, resurrection altar, hellgate nightmare), and their defence is 10% as well (although their levels are 51).  Therefore, the recommended pierce is still 10% for level 50 cap, which is equivalent to ~830 pierce stats


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BnS Addict

Oh i see. Thought you havent take the base damage into consideration. Btw nice work bro! Waiting for your analysis of block (damage reduction and defense skill strengthening) and also critical defense. Xiexie!


actually i giv up on the block and evasion mechanics calculation… I discover some weird anamolies in the probability of block/parry and evasion..i shall give you some examples:

A has 85% hit rate. B has 0% evasion. If A hit B, intuitively, A should have 85% chance to hit B and 15% chance to miss. Unfortunately, after some test, it doesn’t seems to work that way. After many hits, A doesn’t even miss at all!

So i have no idea how the probability of hit and evasion are calculated. Similarly, i can’t figure out how block/parry chance are calculated either. However, i DO realize that parry occur at a higher chance as compared to evasion under the same hit rate from attacker.

For example A has 100% hit rate while B has 10% evasion and 10% parry rate. If A hit B, intuitively, B should have the equal chance to either parry or evade A’s attack. However, upon test, it can be shown that Parry occur at a much higher frequency than evasion. This is understandable, because evasion negate the damage received totally while parry only reduce the damage partially; a balance intended by the developer.

I give up on figuring on how these stuff works since only the programmer would know the real mechanics, especially when it involves chance. Interestingly, the chance of parry and evasion is affected by the direction where the attack is coming from. You will almost never miss even with low hit rate if you hit the target from the back (useful to know when you are doing snow jade palace)

BnS Addict

– Non-crit damage = Attack stats * Skill Amp % * ( 100% – defence %) + Add Damage
– As an example, say your skill board damage is 251~298, and the target defence is 25%, your actual non-crit damage would be
– Non-crit damage = 251 ~ 298 * (1 – 0.25 ) = 188~223

Is it supposed to be Non crit damage = Base atk * Skill amplification * (100 – defense)% + Add damage?

Why you only put the skill stats there and not using any base attack?



Skill board damage calculation already takes the base attack into consideration, and i have covered that in my previous article here: . It is very simple and straight forward; so i didn’t put an example here..

The statement which u quoted, merely shows the effect of defence in damage calculation.


Ah! Didnt realize that there is a second page there! Thanks!


Where is the appendix located Sir? Is it in your previous article? I try the equation there and it didnt match with my crit rate. Thanks in advance!


Can u give us the equation for crit, penetration for the lvl 50 cap sir? The appendix only valid for lvl 45 cap. Thanks! Btw how do u conduct ur research regarding the equation? Thanks in advance!


the equations listed in the appendix are for lvl50 cap, with value of coefficient in denominator roughly twice of that in lvl45 cap equations…

I gathered the data from character stats window, like xxx crit = xx % crit rate etc etc. then i put these data into Sigmaplot and do a curve fitting based on various equations; eventually, i find that this form of hyperbolic curve gives almost perfect fit to the data.


Thx for your hard work ! It realy help.
keep up with awesome stuff.

Is there any chance that you will calculate other stats ?
For example CRIT DEF . That will be awesome ^^


Thanks for the support.. If i have the time, i would investigate other stats as well 😀