Blade & Soul CN: Snow Jade Palace & Ice Warehouse

snow jade palace

Snow Jade Palace, a new level 50 heroic instance will be released soon in Blade & Soul China. The Blade & Soul CN test server was updated on 18th Sept 2014. The content was updated in the official server on 25th Sept. The update notes are as follows:

1. Release Snow Jade Palace
2. Release Ice Warehouse instance
3. Spirit Stone Steppe gameplay optimized
4. HuLei in Thunder Prison will not use long range suction skill during main quest; his attack is reduced.
5. Fix Wulin faction spawn point NPC issue in Misty Forest
6. Enable continuous buff when using red heart (not sure what this means)
7. End of Mid Autumn Event
8. Add National Day Event
9. Crafting Event:太尚门 (Bopae craft) – Finally!
10. Improve world shout function
11. Add Buddy shortcut key (F4)

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Dragon Nest: Mercenary System – Skill Effect

Mercenary System List

Mercenary system (Heroes Assemble System) was introduced in Dragon Nest KR on 13th Aug. It allows players to summon an NPC to aid  them in battle. For more information on the mercenary system, refer to Dragon Nest KR 13th Aug update note.

Each mercenary comes with 2 active skills. The skill effects for A/S-grade mercenaries are translated by Sieg and chaose5. All active skills of mercenary has a CD of 60sec and are affected by CD reduction skills (advantage goes to Force Users, Acrobats and Alchemists). Also, only the effect (buff/debuff) of skills are cited (skill dmg is omitted) and only certain passive skills (skills which mercenary cast on their own) are listed.

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Dragon Nest Movie: Warriors’ Dawn Movie (English Subtitle)

Dragon Nest Movie - Warrior's Dawn

Dragon Nest Movie: Warriors’ Dawn, the full movie has been released.

The land of Altera has observed an uneasy peace for years among Humans, Elves and Evil beasts who are loyal to the legendary Black Dragon. But the Black Dragon begins to stir from its hibernation, sending the Beasts marching across Altera. With a beast conquest perilously close, a small group of Humans and Elves unite to try to find a secret hidden road to the Black Dragon’s cave and destroy it. But the fate of all of them may be in the hands of the young warrior Lambert, who must summon the confidence and skill to face the Black Dragon himself just when all may be lost.

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Dragon Nest: Piercer (Lencea) Numbers by Sieg

Piercer Lencea

 Sieg of Freedom Dragon Nest Guild shares his insight on Piercer, the 1st job advance of Lencea based on his gameplay experience and the numbers relevant to the class.

Lencea has seen a relatively lackluster reception ever since she was released in CDN. Not only is discussion about her scarce both here and on duowan, her actual performance despite her skill values / supposed benefits hasn’t exactly been what people expected. Here I wish to share some figures for consideration.

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Blade & Soul: Prefix Change Mechanics of Weapon & Accessory

weapon prefix variation

Level 50 cap of Blade & Soul Online introduces a revamped weapon and accessory upgrade system. One of the major characteristics of the new system is the prefix change or mutation mechanics.  Godly Weapon S1, S2 and S3, along with Legendary Accessories are granted a random prefix after leveling them to level 2. The prefix can be changed when the equipment is level up again  (up to level 10).  Each prefix come with unique stats and ability.

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